Sony patents granted on 13 May 2008

61 US patents granted on 13 May 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D568,847 Disc player
2 D568,843 Monitor television receiver
3 D568,842 Television receiver
4 D568,807 Battery
5 7,373,671 Method and system for user information verification
6 7,373,648 Disk recording and/or reproducing device
7 7,373,589 Keyword creation method and its apparatus
8 7,373,580 Recording medium, recording method and apparatus, reproduction method and apparatus, data transmission method, and data demodulation method
9 7,373,525 Data processing method and data checking method
10 7,373,521 Semiconductor IC, information processing method, information processing device, and program storage medium
11 7,373,506 Data authentication system
12 7,373,439 System method using material exchange format (MXF) converting program for audio and video data files having routines that generates attribute data from audio and video data file
13 7,373,431 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, signal processing system, program and medium
14 7,373,380 Methods and systems for configuration and dynamically switching between network communication architectures
15 7,373,375 Information management system using agents
16 7,373,333 Information processing apparatus and method, program storage medium and program
17 7,373,331 Joint subscriber management system and receiving terminal
18 7,373,305 Accounting apparatus, accounting method, and computer-readable program storage medium for storing program having accounting function
19 7,373,301 Method for detecting emotions from speech using speaker identification
20 7,373,270 Diagnosing device for stereo camera mounted on robot, and diagnostic method of stereo camera mounted on robot apparatus
21 7,373,169 Earphone antenna and portable radio equipment provided with earphone antenna
22 7,373,139 Update notification system, update monitoring apparatus, mobile communication terminal, information processing apparatus, contents acquisition instructing method, contents acquiring method, and program storing medium
23 7,373,135 Communication system, communication apparatus, communication method, and program
24 7,373,132 High frequency signal receiver
25 7,373,124 Receiver
26 7,373,122 Reproduction device information setting method, and information setting program
27 7,373,079 Method and an apparatus for stream conversion, a method and an apparatus for data recording, and data recording medium
28 7,373,078 Audio signal processing method, audio signal processing apparatus, Hi-Fi video apparatus, digital video apparatus and 8 mm video apparatus
29 7,373,077 Audio signal processing method, audio signal processing apparatus, HI-FI video apparatus, digital video apparatus and 8 MM video apparatus
30 7,373,063 Optical waveguide, optical waveguide module, and a method for fabricating optical waveguide module
31 7,373,050 Optical communication module and connector
32 7,373,022 Apparatus and method for reproducing image
33 7,373,017 System and method for capturing adjacent images by utilizing a panorama mode
34 7,373,016 Image synthesizing apparatus and image synthesizing method
35 7,373,002 Image processing apparatus and method, and computer program
36 7,372,997 Data conversion device, data conversion method, learning device, learning method, program and recording medium
37 7,372,915 Transmitting method and transmitting device, receiving method and receiving device, and transfer method and transfer system
38 7,372,897 Portable information communication terminal, program, and recording medium
39 7,372,858 Data transmission device and data transmission method
40 7,372,821 Signal processing system, signal receiving device, and communication control method
41 7,372,799 Laser diode drive circuit and amplifying circuit for optical disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus
42 7,372,795 Recording apparatus and method for generating an index file for a content file
43 7,372,791 Recording/reproducing apparatus and cross talk cancel method
44 7,372,790 Apparatus and method for manufacturing optical disks, apparatus and method for recording data on optical disks, apparatus and method for reproducing data from optical disks, and optical disks, and optical disk formed with pit strings and mark strings
45 7,372,765 Power-gating system and method for integrated circuit devices
46 7,372,718 Storage and semiconductor device
47 7,372,684 Power supply device
48 7,372,655 Information-processing apparatus, information-processing method, programs and recording mediums
49 7,372,523 Display apparatuses having layered liquid crystal displays
50 7,372,508 Information outputting apparatus, information reporting method and information signal supply route selecting method
51 7,372,498 Image pickup apparatus having a shutter clutch
52 7,372,483 Image pickup device and camera shake correction method
53 7,372,474 Image display controlling apparatus and method, imaging apparatus and viewfinder device
54 7,372,466 Image processing apparatus and method of same
55 7,372,461 Image processing apparatus and method of same
56 7,372,446 Display device, method for driving the same, and portable terminal apparatus using the same
57 7,372,375 Signal reproducing method and device, signal recording method and device, and code sequence generating method and device
58 7,372,080 Gan semiconductor device
59 7,371,591 Process for manufacturing liquid ejection head
60 7,371,532 Method and apparatus for determining base sequence of nucleic acid molecule
61 7,371,479 Method for fullerene derivative and the fullerene derivative proton conductor and electrochemical device