Sony patents granted on 13 November 2007

32 US patents granted on 13 November 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,296,242 Information processing apparatus and method and program and program storage medium
2 7,296,153 Data transmission system
3 7,296,119 Data managing method for memory apparatus
4 7,296,055 Information providing system, information providing apparatus, information providing method, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
5 7,296,005 Method and apparatus for learning data, method and apparatus for recognizing data, method and apparatus for generating data, and computer program
6 7,295,994 Information distribution system, terminal apparatus, information center, recording medium, and information distribution method
7 7,295,986 Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium therefor
8 7,295,969 Digital recording and playback system with voice recognition capability for concurrent text generation
9 7,295,809 Portable audio playback device with bass enhancement
10 7,295,772 Optical unit and imaging device comprising optical unit
11 7,295,756 Signal reproducing method and apparatus, signal recording/reproducing method and apparatus and signal recording medium
12 7,295,631 Stereo demultiplexer
13 7,295,609 Method and apparatus for coding image information, method and apparatus for decoding image information, method and apparatus for coding and decoding image information, and system of coding and transmitting image information
14 7,295,543 Network interconnection apparatus, network interconnection method, name resolution apparatus and computer program
15 7,295,508 Optical disk
16 7,295,403 Cartridge for recording medium
17 7,295,402 Magnetic tape cartridge and recorder/reproducer a magnetic tape cartridge
18 7,295,393 Data converting apparatus, data converting method, and recording medium
19 7,295,380 Zoom lens and imaging device
20 7,295,238 Image signal processing device of image sensor
21 7,295,234 DC level control method, clamp circuit, and imaging apparatus
22 7,295,180 Backlight driving device, backlight driving method, and liquid crystal display device
23 7,295,163 Wide band antenna
24 7,295,122 Signal generating device, method thereof, and apparatus having the same
25 7,294,973 Discharge tube lighting apparatus, light source apparatus, and display apparatus
26 7,294,936 Semiconductor device
27 7,294,873 X-Y address type solid state image pickup device and method of producing the same
28 7,294,852 Transparent conductive films and processes for forming them
29 7,294,603 Process for production of conductive catalyst particles, process for production of catalyst electrode capable of gas diffusion, apparatus for production of conductive catalyst particles, and vibrating apparatus
30 7,294,281 Optical information recording medium, original disc for optical information recording medium, and method of manufacturing the same
31 7,294,201 Method of manufacturing crystal of III-V compound of the nitride system, crystal substrate of III-V compound of the nitride system, crystal film of III-V compound of the nitride system, and method of manufacturing device
32 D555,151 Headset