Sony patents granted on 14 April 2009

42 US patents granted on 14 April 2009 and assigned to Sony

1 D590,407 Computer generated image for display panel
2 D590,391 Arithmetic and control unit
3 D590,375 Earphone
4 D590,341 Rechargeable battery
5 D590,337 Rechargeable battery
6 D590,336 Rechargeable battery
7 D590,335 Rechargeable battery
8 D590,334 Rechargeable battery
9 7,520,000 Information reproducing apparatus
10 7,519,985 Radio communication system, radio communication control apparatus, radio communication control method, recording medium, and computer program
11 7,519,861 Method and system for remotely diagnosing devices
12 7,519,811 Data transmission controlling method and data transmission system
13 7,519,655 Service providing method and integrated circuit
14 7,519,651 Information processing system, information processing method, and storage medium therefor
15 7,519,612 Information processing system, information processing method, and computer program used therewith
16 7,519,584 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, data processing system, storage medium, and program
17 7,519,443 Information signal reproducing apparatus
18 7,519,345 Receiving apparatus and receiving method, and program
19 7,519,292 Camera apparatus
20 7,519,289 Image capturing device and activation method with power saving state and power supplying state
21 7,519,277 Editing apparatus and editing method
22 7,519,182 Encryption device and decryption device
23 7,519,179 Information transmission apparatus and method, information reception apparatus and method, and information-providing system
24 7,519,175 Integral microphone and speaker configuration type two-way communication apparatus
25 7,518,867 Electronic device cooling device and electronic device cooling method
26 7,518,864 Cooling fan and image display apparatus
27 7,518,783 Element for modulating area
28 7,518,673 Electronic apparatus
29 7,518,648 Horizontal register transfer pulse generation circuit and imaging apparatus
30 7,518,643 Camera device and shooting method
31 7,518,608 Z-depth matting of particles in image rendering
32 7,518,503 Portable A/V relay device
33 7,518,423 Digital DLL circuit for an interface circuit in a semiconductor memory
34 7,518,168 MOS type solid-state image pickup device and driving method comprised of a photodiode, a detection portion, and a transfer transistor
35 7,518,056 Optimisation of MIDI file reproduction
36 7,517,713 Solid-state image sensor and method for manufacturing thereof as well as semiconductor device and method for manufacturing thereof
37 7,517,711 MEMS type resonator, process for fabricating the same and communication unit
38 7,517,638 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor apparatus with a tapered aperture pattern to form a predetermined line width
39 7,517,618 Mask, exposure method and production method of semiconductor device
40 7,517,436 Magneto-optical recording medium and manufacturing method thereof
41 7,517,223 Controlled impedance bus with a buffer device
42 7,517,144 Method of determining the temperature in a system