Sony patents granted on 14 April 2015

58 US patents granted on 14 April 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 RE45,473 Copy protection using detailed copy control information
2 RE45,469 Wireless communication system, a wireless communication apparatus, a wireless communication method, and a computer program
3 D726,735 Display screen with graphical user interface
4 9,009,768 Media playback control through remote device control
5 9,009,752 Social networking and peer to peer for TVs
6 9,009,747 Gesture cataloging and recognition
7 9,009,627 Electronic apparatus, program, and control method for displaying access authority for data files
8 9,009,588 Customization of GUI layout based on history of use
9 9,009,464 Anonymous register system and method thereof
10 9,009,335 Interface circuit for transmitting and receiving digital signals between devices
11 9,009,290 Methods and apparatuses for discovery and notification of services
12 9,009,210 Distribution of multimedia files using a transportation provider wireless device
13 9,009,128 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
14 9,009,080 Content protection system
15 9,009,054 Program endpoint time detection apparatus and method, and program information retrieval system
16 9,009,031 Analyzing a category of a candidate phrase to update from a server if a phrase category is not in a phrase database
17 9,008,810 Coding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, and program storage medium
18 9,008,577 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and program
19 9,008,494 Reproduction unit, reproduction method, and program
20 9,008,493 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
21 9,008,492 Image processing apparatus method and computer program product
22 9,008,449 Image processing apparatus and method
23 9,008,442 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
24 9,008,388 Information processing system and information processing method
25 9,008,345 Earphone device
26 9,008,246 Transmission device, transmission method, reception device, reception method, program, and communication system
27 9,008,224 OFDM pre-equalizing
28 9,008,203 Transmitters, receivers and methods of transmitting and receiving
29 9,007,995 Codebook based channel information feedback method, device and system
30 9,007,981 Electronic device, signal transmission device, and signal transmission method
31 9,007,970 Antenna swapping methods including repeatedly swapping between antennas, and related wireless electronic devices
32 9,007,938 User equipment, base station, communication control method, and radio communication system
33 9,007,884 Optical recording medium
34 9,007,837 Non-volatile memory system with reset control mechanism and method of operation thereof
35 9,007,783 Memory device and receptacle for electronic devices
36 9,007,774 Electronic apparatus
37 9,007,530 Channel scan device and method, and program
38 9,007,515 Lens-interchangeable camera system, lens data transmission method and lens data acquisition program
39 9,007,511 Imaging device, control method of imaging device, and computer program
40 9,007,508 Portable device, photographing method, and program for setting a target region and performing an image capturing operation when a target is detected in the target region
41 9,007,503 Solid-state imaging element and camera system
42 9,007,481 Information processing device and method for recognition of target objects within an image
43 9,007,330 Touch panel including a wiring substrate disposed between a pair of substrates and a method for producing the same
44 9,007,325 Input method and input apparatus
45 9,007,321 Method and apparatus for enlarging a display area
46 9,007,306 Folding electronic apparatus with capacitive touch screen and method for detecting open and closed modes thereof
47 9,007,187 Communication system and communication device
48 9,006,968 Mounting substrate and optical unit
49 9,006,934 Power feeding apparatus, power receiving apparatus, wireless power feeding system and method for wireless transfer of power
50 9,006,932 Power supply system and electronic device
51 9,006,855 Solid-state image pickup element and electronic device
52 9,006,852 Solid-state imaging device with a light shielding layer formed around a transfer gate
53 9,006,734 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and display unit
54 9,006,018 Method of manufacturing a solid-state imaging device
55 9,005,821 Secondary battery
56 9,005,801 Battery module, electronic apparatus, electric power storage system, electric power system, and electric vehicle
57 9,005,033 Game movie maker
58 9,005,028 Video game competition notifications