Sony patents granted on 14 August 2007

38 US patents granted on 14 August 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,257,831 Program distribution system, method of program distribution, transmitter and receiver
2 7,257,710 Additional-data embedding apparatus and additional-data embedding method
3 7,257,601 Recording apparatus, file management method, program for file management method, recording medium having program for file management method recorded thereon
4 7,257,407 System and method for dynamically allocating data rates and channels to clients in a wireless network
5 7,257,398 Telephone set, communication adaptor, home appliance control method, and program recording medium
6 7,257,372 Bluetooth enabled hearing aid
7 7,257,314 Copy control method and apparatus for a receiving system
8 7,257,252 Voting-based video background mosaicking
9 7,257,233 Image forming device and image forming method
10 7,257,230 Impulse response collecting method, sound effect adding apparatus, and recording medium
11 7,257,226 Information management method and information management apparatus
12 7,257,148 Radio transmitting apparatus, radio receiving apparatus, radio transmitting method, and radio receiving method
13 7,257,104 Communication processing system, communication processing method, communication terminal device, and program
14 7,257,076 Magneto-optical recording medium
15 7,257,070 Optical disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus and aberration adjustment method
16 7,257,060 Data recording method and apparatus, data reproducing method and apparatus, and data edition method and apparatus
17 7,256,964 Magnetic tape apparatus including a circumferential surface having a generally flat portion between peak portions and method for producing the same
18 7,256,950 Optical device, optical system, method of production of same, and mold for production of same
19 7,256,945 Zoom lens and image pick-up apparatus
20 7,256,897 Three-dimensional measurement apparatus and three-dimensional measurement method
21 7,256,831 Method for driving an imaging device and image pickup device, wherein signals corresponding to same color outputs are combined
22 7,256,821 Network compatible image capturing apparatus and method
23 7,256,783 Image capture device, a method of capturing images, an image producing device and a method of producing images
24 7,256,781 Image processing apparatus and method of same
25 7,256,718 Modulation apparatus and method
26 7,256,469 Solid-state image pickup device
27 7,256,382 Solid state imaging device, method of driving solid state imaging device and image pickup apparatus
28 7,256,347 Cord control and accessories having cord control for use with portable electronic devices
29 7,255,957 Non-aqueous electrolyte cell and solid electrolyte cell
30 7,255,935 Organic electroluminescent element and luminescent apparatus employing the same
31 7,255,784 Polishing method and electropolishing apparatus
32 7,255,749 Substrate cleaning method and substrate cleaning apparatus
33 7,255,445 Projection type image display device
34 D548,725 Speaker box
35 D548,724 Speaker box
36 D548,722 Amplifier
37 D548,709 Combined disc player and amplifier
38 D548,486 Stand for television receiver