Sony patents granted on 14 August 2012

83 US patents granted on 14 August 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D665,417 Display panel or screen portion with icon
2 D665,376 Audio system
3 D665,368 Television receiver
4 D665,346 Battery charger
5 D665,340 Rechargeable battery
6 8,245,311 Content data reproducing apparatus
7 8,245,309 Content viewing system, content viewing apparatus, and viewing approval apparatus
8 8,245,254 Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
9 8,245,202 Processor emulation using speculative forward translation
10 8,245,155 Computer implemented display, graphical user interface, design and method including scrolling features
11 8,245,148 History display apparatus, history display system, history display method, and program
12 8,245,138 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus for displaying operating status thereof and a method of displaying a content of operation
13 8,245,015 Processor monitoring execution of a synchronization instruction issued to execution sections to detect completion of execution of preceding instructions in an identified thread
14 8,245,003 Composite memory device, data processing method and data processing program
15 8,244,917 Communication system, communication apparatus and communication method as well as program
16 8,244,897 Content reproduction apparatus, content reproduction method, and program
17 8,244,751 Information processing apparatus and presenting method of related items
18 8,244,703 Apparatus and method for computation of a pricing index
19 8,244,665 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and information processing program
20 8,244,581 Data processing system and data processing method
21 8,244,537 Audience state estimation system, audience state estimation method, and audience state estimation program
22 8,244,239 Communication apparatus, communication method, program, and communication system
23 8,244,227 Information providing device, mobile communication device, information providing system, information providing method, and program
24 8,244,114 Recording apparatus and recording method, playback apparatus and playback method, recording/playback apparatus and recording/playback method, and program
25 8,244,109 Electronic device and content reproducing method and program
26 8,244,104 System for creating content using content project data
27 8,244,100 Information apparatus for reproducing commercial broadcast information and method of same
28 8,244,099 Picture reproducing apparatus and method, recording medium, and picture reproducing program
29 8,244,097 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
30 8,244,093 Video signal processing device and method, and program
31 8,244,068 Device and method for adjusting orientation of a data representation displayed on a display
32 8,244,055 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
33 8,243,964 Piezo speaker pressure sensor
34 8,243,959 Audio output control device and audio output control method
35 8,243,958 Receiver
36 8,243,921 Decryption system
37 8,243,824 Information processing apparatus and method
38 8,243,809 Image information encoding method and encoder, and image information decoding method and decoder
39 8,243,808 Image information encoding method and encoder, and image information decoding method and decoder
40 8,243,807 Image processing method, a program of an image processing method, a recording medium on which a program of an image processing method is recorded and an image processing circuit
41 8,243,776 Communication device, noise removing method, and program
42 8,243,769 Semiconductor light emitting device, optical pickup unit and information recording/reproduction apparatus
43 8,243,664 Adaptive history aware beam steering
44 8,243,564 Misjudgment correction circuit and optical disk drive
45 8,243,459 Electronic apparatus
46 8,243,449 Heat-transporting device and electronic apparatus
47 8,243,445 Electronic apparatus
48 8,243,417 Variable capacitor and electronic device
49 8,243,288 Object detection system and object detection method
50 8,243,243 Display device
51 8,243,242 Liquid crystal display device, method for producing same, and electronic apparatus
52 8,243,237 Transmissive and transflective device display
53 8,243,204 Communication system, transmitter, receiver, communication method, program, and communication cable
54 8,243,199 Apparatus, method and program for enabling content displayed on a display screen to be switched
55 8,243,196 Motion adaptive image processing
56 8,243,186 Solid-state image pickup apparatus and electronic apparatus
57 8,243,178 Physical quantity distribution detecting apparatus and imaging apparatus
58 8,243,159 Image capturing device, image processing device, image analysis method for the image capturing device and the image processing device, and program for facial attribute detection
59 8,243,156 Image-capturing apparatus and image-capturing control method
60 8,243,150 Noise reduction in an image processing method and image processing apparatus
61 8,243,146 Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
62 8,243,089 Implementing lighting control of a user environment
63 8,243,020 Actuated multi-faced keys
64 8,242,991 Liquid crystal display apparatus
65 8,242,973 Image signal processing apparatus, image signal processing method, image projecting system, image projecting method, and computer program
66 8,242,894 Remote control system and remote control method
67 8,242,558 Semiconductor device and method for production of semiconductor device
68 8,242,552 Storage element, method of manufacturing same, and semiconductor storage device
69 8,242,548 Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method for the same, and imaging apparatus
70 8,242,547 Solid-state imaging device and camera
71 8,242,513 Method for growing semiconductor layer, method for producing semiconductor light-emitting element, semiconductor light-emitting element, and electronic device
72 8,242,501 Thin film transistor and electronic apparatus
73 8,242,263 Composition for photon-energy up-conversion
74 8,241,834 Optical recording medium and production method therefor, and sputtering target and production method therefor
75 8,241,799 Methods of operating fuel cell power generators, and fuel cell power generators
76 8,241,795 Electrolytic solutions and battery
77 8,241,774 Battery device, electronic apparatus, and battery system
78 8,241,455 Method for packing electric components on a substrate
79 8,241,125 Apparatus and method of interaction with a data processor
80 8,241,122 Image processing method and input interface apparatus
81 8,241,099 Generating custom creatures
82 8,240,568 Information communication system, information communication device, information communication method and computer program
83 8,240,562 Communication apparatus, communication method, antenna module and communication system