Sony patents granted on 14 December 2010

64 US patents granted on 14 December 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D629,033 Camera
2 D629,032 Light for camera
3 D629,013 Audio player
4 D629,000 Game interface device with optical port
5 7,853,991 Data communications system and data communications method
6 7,853,980 Bi-directional indices for trick mode video-on-demand
7 7,853,897 Information processing apparatus and method, and program
8 7,853,895 Control of background media when foreground graphical user interface is invoked
9 7,853,863 Method for expressing emotion in a text message
10 7,853,802 Information processing system, method, and apparatus, and program
11 7,853,745 Electronic system with removable computing device and mutable functions
12 7,853,704 Content acquisition method
13 7,853,692 Server, client apparatus, program and download method
14 7,853,650 Initializing relationships between devices in a network
15 7,853,532 Information processing apparatus and method, and data communication system and method
16 7,853,530 Digital signal processing apparatus, digital signal processing method, information center, and data delivery system
17 7,853,527 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program recording medium, and data recording medium
18 7,853,357 Robot behavior control based on current and predictive internal, external condition and states with levels of activations
19 7,853,334 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium and program
20 7,853,208 Communication system and communication apparatus
21 7,853,139 Optical device, illumination apparatus, and camera
22 7,853,136 Image pickup apparatus
23 7,853,127 Equipment and method for information processing, recording medium, and program
24 7,853,126 Multiple source recording
25 7,853,122 Device for reproducing content such as video information and device for receiving content
26 7,853,117 Information processing apparatus and method and computer program
27 7,853,116 Recording apparatus and record medium for successively reproducing movie data
28 7,853,099 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, learning apparatus and learning method and program
29 7,853,095 Apparatus, method, recording medium and program for processing signal
30 7,853,083 Image processing apparatus and method, program recording medium, and program therefor
31 7,853,078 Setup-screen display controlling apparatus, server apparatus, image processing system, printing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, display apparatus, setup-screen display controlling method, program, and data structure
32 7,853,035 Headphones and headphones placement device
33 7,852,949 Spectral distance optimizing multi-band transmission
34 7,852,734 Recording and playback apparatus and optical head
35 7,852,730 Optical disk medium, and data recording method and device
36 7,852,718 Compensation value setting device and compensation value setting method
37 7,852,625 Information processing apparatus
38 7,852,538 Hologram recording apparatus and hologram recording method
39 7,852,448 Liquid crystal display device
40 7,852,440 Liquid crystal display device
41 7,852,404 Information signal processor, method for processing information signal, image signal processor and image display apparatus using the same, coefficient seed data production device used in the same, method for producing coefficient seed data set and information-providing medium
42 7,852,396 Image pick-up apparatus with exposure setting method
43 7,852,389 Solid-state image pick-up device having primary color and gray color filters and processing means therefor
44 7,852,387 Apparatus and method for correcting blurred images
45 7,852,386 Solid state imaging device and method for driving same and imaging apparatus
46 7,852,380 Signal processing system and method of operation for nonlinear signal processing
47 7,852,374 Image-pickup and associated methodology of dividing an exposure-time period into a plurality of exposures
48 7,852,357 Display apparatus, display method, display program, and recording medium with the display program for controlling display of at least a portion of a map
49 7,852,352 Information processing apparatus, method, and program
50 7,852,241 Demodulating apparatus, demodulating method, and computer-readable medium
51 7,852,184 Coil module apparatus
52 7,852,130 Voltage detection circuit and voltage detection method
53 7,852,043 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
54 7,851,924 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
55 7,851,880 Solid-state imaging device
56 7,851,838 Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same
57 7,851,810 Method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
58 7,851,520 Thermosetting epoxy resin composition
59 7,851,289 Method of forming N-and P- channel field effect transistors on the same silicon layer having a strain effect
60 7,851,236 Film thickness prediction method, layout design method, mask pattern design method of exposure mask, and fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit
61 7,850,891 Method of manufacturing suction cup
62 7,850,526 System for tracking user manipulations within an environment
63 7,850,377 Mounting structure for plurality of lenses, camera module, and electronic equipment
64 7,850,310 Projection display device