Sony patents granted on 14 March 2006

36 US patents granted on 14 March 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 7,013,475 Optical disk drive and recording and reproducing apparatus with magnetic clamping
2 7,013,474 Disk drive apparatus having movably-positioned vibration-absorbing member
3 7,013,339 Method to control a network device in a network comprising several devices
4 7,013,277 Speech recognition apparatus, speech recognition method, and storage medium
5 7,013,201 Legged mobile robot and method of controlling operation of the same
6 7,013,078 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, data reading apparatus, and recording apparatus
7 7,012,964 Method and device for data transmission
8 7,012,959 Picture information conversion method and apparatus
9 7,012,882 Channel estimator for OFDM system
10 7,012,868 Adjustment optical disc for optical pick-up, adjustment method for optical pick-up, and adjustment apparatus for optical pick-up
11 7,012,831 Semiconductor memory device
12 7,012,779 Recording and reproducing device
13 7,012,747 Polarizing beam splitter and polarizer using the same
14 7,012,734 Optical multilayer structure, optical switching device, and image display
15 7,012,650 Start/stop audio encoder apparatus and method for synchronizing digital audio and video signals
16 7,012,649 Image processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
17 7,012,582 Spacer-less field emission display
18 7,012,329 Memory transistor array utilizing insulated word lines as gate electrodes
19 7,012,287 HEMT device with a mesa isolating multilayer film
20 7,012,193 Electronic device and information reproduction system
21 7,012,023 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
22 7,011,997 Method of fabricating a HEMT device
23 7,011,994 Method of forming wiring and method of manufacturing image display system by using the same
24 7,011,990 Alloying method using laser irradiation for a light emitting device
25 7,011,886 Transfer film, method for fabricating thin film for display apparatus panel using the transfer film, and display apparatus having thin film fabricated by the method
26 7,011,866 Method and apparatus for film deposition
27 7,011,449 Bearing unit and motor using same
28 D517,074 Computer
29 D517,068 Keyboard
30 D517,058 Combined disc recorder and amplifier
31 D517,049 Speaker box
32 D517,045 Headphone
33 D517,035 Disc player
34 D517,034 Disc player
35 D517,029 Combined monitor display and disc player
36 D517,023 Combined remote controller and laser pointer