Sony patents granted on 14 October 2008

33 US patents granted on 14 October 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D578,506 Combined disc player and radio receiver
2 D578,505 Amplifier
3 D578,495 Television receiver
4 7,437,770 Data transfer system, data transfer apparatus, data recording apparatus, data transfer method
5 7,437,768 Information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium
6 7,437,649 Data recording method and device
7 7,437,592 Information processing device using variable operation frequency
8 7,437,536 Systems and methods for task migration
9 7,437,526 Information processing method and apparatus having data locations accessible by different devices in accordance with different permissions
10 7,437,419 System and method for effectively performing a streamlined photo distribution procedure
11 7,437,345 Image rejection mixer and multiband generator
12 7,437,214 Robot device and method of controlling the same
13 7,437,140 Power line network bridge
14 7,437,058 Method and device for transmitting material data
15 7,437,055 Recording apparatus and method, reproducing apparatus and method, recorded medium, and program
16 7,437,021 Image processing device and method
17 7,436,997 Light source estimating device, light source estimating method, and imaging device and image processing method
18 7,436,970 Multi-mode led indicators for recording devices
19 7,436,968 Adaptive noise reduction method and device
20 7,436,959 Data recording apparatus and recording method
21 7,436,897 OFDM receiving apparatus and receiving method thereof
22 7,436,798 Communication system, communication terminal apparatus, wireless key apparatus and program
23 7,436,793 System and method for effectively performing a transmit power adjustment procedure
24 7,436,749 Hologram recording and reproduction apparatus
25 7,436,682 Wiring board, electronic component mounting structure, and electronic component mounting method
26 7,436,644 Switching circuit, switching method, protective device and battery pack
27 7,435,668 Method for doping impurities, and for producing a semiconductor device and applied electronic apparatus using a solution containing impurity ions
28 7,435,506 Battery pack
29 7,435,493 Fuel cell and method for operating the same
30 7,435,485 Magnetic material, and a MEMS device using the magnetic material
31 7,435,133 Battery device having a casing with plural terminal grooves wherein opposing contact pieces of each terminal member are disposed in each terminal groove
32 7,434,943 Display apparatus, image processing apparatus and image processing method, imaging apparatus, and program
33 7,434,939 Illumination apparatus, image production apparatus, and illumination light profile controlling method