Sony patents granted on 15 April 2008

34 US patents granted on 15 April 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D566,743 Combined video camera and disc recorder
2 D566,683 Optical disc player
3 D566,678 Mobile phone
4 7,360,176 Symbol selector and symbol selection method
5 7,360,102 Methods and apparatus for achieving thermal management using processor manipulation
6 7,360,001 External card connection device having parameter and command registers wherein device is connectable to a host device
7 7,360,000 Information transmitting/receiving system, information transmitting apparatus, information receiving apparatus, and information transmitting/receiving method
8 7,359,942 Apparatus, method, network system, recording medium and computer program for processing transmitted information
9 7,359,737 Data transmission-reception system and data transmission-reception method
10 7,359,705 Random access burst transmission scheme
11 7,359,620 Information transmitting method, information processing method and apparatus, and information recording and reproducing method and apparatus
12 7,359,618 Information recording/reproducing apparatus and information recording/reproducing method
13 7,359,616 Service providing apparatus, service providing method, receiving terminal apparatus, receiving method, and service providing system
14 7,359,567 Signal processing apparatus for eliminating ringing signal and method thereof, record medium, and program
15 7,359,561 Picture encoding with wavelet transform and block area weights
16 7,359,463 Code sensing method and apparatus
17 7,359,398 Wireless communication system, wireless communication device and method, and computer program
18 7,359,292 Recording and/or playback device
19 7,359,277 High speed power-gating technique for integrated circuit devices incorporating a sleep mode of operation
20 7,359,185 Docking device for portable computer and docking structure
21 7,359,160 Magnetic head device and linear tape drive including a multi-element magnetic head chip and twin bimodal actuators
22 7,359,137 Recording medium and apparatus for protecting copyrighted digital data
23 7,359,119 Optical arrangement for pre-processing primary illumination light
24 7,359,118 Method for producing mold for use in duplicating light diffusion sheet, light diffusion sheet and method for producing the same, and screen
25 7,358,995 Captured-image-signal processing method and apparatus and imaging apparatus
26 7,358,993 Digital still camera apparatus, video camera apparatus, and information terminal apparatus
27 7,358,992 Imaging apparatus with delay and processor to weight lines of delayed image data
28 7,358,972 System and method for capturing facial and body motion
29 7,358,937 Display apparatus and display reading apparatus
30 7,358,925 Highly-integrated headset
31 7,358,897 Apparatus, methods and computer program products for GPS signal acquisition using an adaptive search engine
32 7,358,757 Display apparatus and inspection method
33 7,358,691 Vibration device
34 7,358,151 Microelectromechanical system microphone fabrication including signal processing circuitry on common substrate