Sony patents granted on 15 June 2010

66 US patents granted on 15 June 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D617,758 Mobile phone
2 7,739,745 Information-processing apparatus, information-processing method, program, and storage medium
3 7,739,712 Apparatus and system for delivering audio/video content to a remote receiver
4 7,739,673 Multiple stage program recompiler using information flow determination
5 7,739,659 Information processing apparatus, executability determining method, and computer program for the same
6 7,739,618 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
7 7,739,610 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium, and program
8 7,739,598 Media handling system
9 7,739,513 Secure device authentication
10 7,739,506 Authentication processing device and security processing method
11 7,739,503 Authenticating method for short-distance radio devices and a short-distance radio device
12 7,739,495 Data transmitting system and method, drive unit, access method, data recording medium, recording medium producing apparatus and method
13 7,739,413 Content distribution system, distribution method, content processing device, and processing method
14 7,739,335 Method and apparatus for providing a customized selection of audio content over the internet
15 7,739,299 Service offering system, management server, server provider, terminal device, storage medium issuing apparatus, server offering method, and storage medium
16 7,739,033 Information processing device and method, program, and information processing system
17 7,738,982 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
18 7,738,931 Device and method for user interface manipulation on a slider type portable mobile communications device
19 7,738,861 Caller identification using push-to-talk protocol for wireless communications devices
20 7,738,860 Controlling access to wireless communications device features based on user proficiency
21 7,738,779 Method of processing multiplexed program data using entry points and time units
22 7,738,776 Information processing apparatus and method, program, and recorded medium
23 7,738,773 Wish list for television recording
24 7,738,772 Apparatus and method for synchronizing video data and audio data having different predetermined frame lengths
25 7,738,767 Method, apparatus and program for recording and playing back content data, method, apparatus and program for playing back content data, and method, apparatus and program for recording content data
26 7,738,765 Information recording apparatus and information recording method
27 7,738,728 Method and apparatus to correct at least one of horizontal motion distortion and vertical motion distortion of image-taking video signals based on time-integration
28 7,738,726 Block distortion reduction apparatus
29 7,738,711 Coding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, data processing system, storage medium, and signal
30 7,738,671 Headphone
31 7,738,662 Information processing system and method
32 7,738,651 Method and apparatus for customizing an audio file in a mobile device
33 7,738,615 Sampling frequency conversion apparatus and signal switching apparatus
34 7,738,556 Apparatus and method for estimating motion vector with gradient method
35 7,738,550 Method and apparatus for generating compact transcoding hints metadata
36 7,738,539 Current consumption reduction with low power amplifier
37 7,738,499 Audio/video synchronizing system and monitor apparatus
38 7,738,494 Communication apparatus, communication method, and program
39 7,738,480 Hybrid access to a contention-free period channel
40 7,738,475 Information processing apparatus, method, and program
41 7,738,433 Method, apparatus, and computer program products for adapting a transmission setting
42 7,738,341 Recording and reproducing apparatus, recording and reproducing method, reproducing apparatus, and reproducing method
43 7,738,330 Information recording method and apparatus, information reproducing method and apparatus, information recording medium, program storage medium and program
44 7,738,195 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
45 7,738,185 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
46 7,738,126 Method for generating disk label print data
47 7,738,053 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device
48 7,738,022 Transfer pulse generator circuit and image pickup apparatus
49 7,738,021 Imaging device
50 7,737,945 Pointing device with moveable magnetic disc and method
51 7,737,944 Method and system for adding a new player to a game in response to controller activity
52 7,737,890 Method and device for transmitting signals in a wireless communication system, receiving device for receiving signals in a wireless communication system, with a special frame structure
53 7,737,658 Battery packs having a charging mode and a discharging mode
54 7,737,615 Light emitting composition, light source device, and display device
55 7,737,520 Solid-state imaging device and camera implementing the same
56 7,737,495 Semiconductor device having inter-layers with stress levels corresponding to the transistor type
57 7,736,922 Semiconductor laser element and method of fabrication thereof
58 7,736,807 Non-aqueous electrolytic solution secondary battery
59 7,736,803 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
60 7,736,794 Battery having electrolye with high molecular weight compound
61 7,736,754 Display device
62 7,736,741 Single-wall carbon nanotube heterojunction
63 7,736,459 Compression bonding device and a mounting method
64 7,735,990 Recording liquid, liquid cartridge emitting device and liquid emitting method
65 7,735,960 Head cartridge and liquid ejection apparatus
66 7,735,724 Information processing device, information providing device, information processing method and information providing method