Sony patents granted on 15 March 2011

53 US patents granted on 15 March 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D634,298 Headphone
2 D634,292 Mobile phone
3 7,908,639 Information transfer apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, and information processing system
4 7,908,619 Broadcasting system and reception apparatus
5 7,908,618 System and method for monitoring and recovering the state of user participation in interactive broadcasts
6 7,908,553 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium, and program
7 7,908,479 Information processing device and method, recording medium and program
8 7,908,393 Network bandwidth detection, distribution and traffic prioritization
9 7,908,338 Content retrieval method and apparatus, communication system and communication method
10 7,908,258 Search keyword input device, search keyword input method, and search keyword input program
11 7,908,218 Terminal device, accounting system and data processing method
12 7,908,171 Information providing system and information providing method for providing advertisement information based on keywords associated with content
13 7,908,142 Apparatus and method for identifying prosody and apparatus and method for recognizing speech
14 7,908,137 Signal processing device, signal processing method, and program
15 7,908,092 Chemical sensor array evaluation method
16 7,908,032 Driving method, drive control apparatus, and robot
17 7,907,936 Communication system, wireless-communication device, and control method therefor
18 7,907,924 Semiconductor device interconnecting unit, semiconductor device and high-frequency module having a millimeter wave band
19 7,907,919 Predicting future changes to strengths of paths in MIMO systems
20 7,907,840 Compressible zoom camera
21 7,907,825 Image recording device and image recording-control method for matching a menu to additional recorded data
22 7,907,785 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
23 7,907,751 Image processing apparatus, method, and program
24 7,907,741 Recording device and adjustment method of recording device
25 7,907,651 Laser diode
26 7,907,647 Optical element, light emitting device and method for producing optical element
27 7,907,638 Media stream mixing
28 7,907,629 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system, wireless communication method and program
29 7,907,622 Gateway device, communication method and program
30 7,907,585 Network interface device with shared antenna
31 7,907,498 Optical pickup and optical disk drive using same
32 7,907,484 Reproducing apparatus and reproduction method
33 7,907,353 Image pickup lens and image pickup apparatus
34 7,907,223 Stereoscopic electrooptical device having alternating light-shielding portions that have different widths provided between adjacent pixels
35 7,907,207 Image pick-up device with a pop-up and retractable flash
36 7,907,203 Imaging apparatus
37 7,907,202 Image pickup apparatus
38 7,907,201 Image pickup apparatus including an optical finder and an electronic finder
39 7,907,197 Solid-state imaging device and solid-state imaging apparatus
40 7,907,184 Picture processing apparatus, picture processing method, picture taking apparatus, and program
41 7,907,158 Thermal head and printing device
42 7,907,153 Content providing method, a program of content providing method, a recording medium on which a program of a content providing method is recorded, and a content providing apparatus
43 7,907,143 Interactive debugging and monitoring of shader programs executing on a graphics processor
44 7,907,114 Indicating lamp control program, information processing apparatus, and indicating lamp control method
45 7,907,095 Antenna device
46 7,907,056 Contactless communication circuit and portable terminal
47 7,907,004 Signal processing apparatus, filter apparatus, signal processing method and filtering method
48 7,906,891 Light control of an electronic device
49 7,906,239 Cathode active material, method for producing the same, and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
50 7,906,237 Battery
51 7,905,649 Display device and optical device
52 7,905,600 Imaging unit for color projection engine comprising reflective displays
53 7,905,395 Communication system, communication terminal and communication method