Sony patents granted on 15 March 2016

57 US patents granted on 15 March 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 RE45,927 Information processing device and method, program, and information processing system
2 D751,452 Fastener for a wrist device
3 9,288,891 Conductive element and method of manufacturing the same, wiring element, and master copy
4 9,288,597 Distributed wireless speaker system with automatic configuration determination when new speakers are added
5 9,288,581 Speaker unit
6 9,288,546 Method and system for electronic communication to television
7 9,288,524 Using TV over VPN to present remote device application graphics
8 9,288,518 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
9 9,288,498 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing system
10 9,288,457 Image processing device, method of processing image, and image processing program including false color correction
11 9,288,423 Image processing device, object selection method and program
12 9,288,417 Solid-state imaging device and camera system
13 9,288,416 Reference voltage circuit and image-capture circuit
14 9,288,411 Image sensor and control method for image sensor
15 9,288,410 Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
16 9,288,399 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
17 9,288,398 Action control device, action control method, imaging device, and program to reduce focus lag
18 9,288,380 Imaging device and electronic apparatus
19 9,288,330 Server, conference room management method of server, and network conference system
20 9,288,145 Transmission control apparatus and transmission control method
21 9,287,937 Information processing apparatus and method
22 9,287,903 Signal transmission apparatus, electronic instrument and signal transmission method
23 9,287,618 Mobile terminal
24 9,287,612 Transparent antennas for wireless terminals
25 9,287,603 Electronic device and module installed in electronic device
26 9,287,567 Electrode, secondary battery, battery pack, electric vehicle, electric power storage system, electric power tool, and electronic apparatus
27 9,287,493 Storage element and memory
28 9,287,464 Light-emitting element having an optical function film including a reflection layer
29 9,287,333 Display unit and electronic apparatus having insulating layers stacked with different refractive indices
30 9,287,331 Display unit
31 9,287,314 Solid-state imaging device, light detecting device, and electronic apparatus
32 9,287,311 Semiconductor device and semiconductor-device manufacturing method
33 9,287,307 Chip size package (CSP)
34 9,287,097 Predicting ultraviolet ray damage with visible wavelength spectroscopy during a semiconductor manufacturing process
35 9,286,850 Display method and display apparatus
36 9,286,822 Display device, display data processing device, and display data processing method
37 9,286,817 Picture reproducing method and picture reproducing apparatus
38 9,286,724 Augmented reality system
39 9,286,722 Information processing apparatus, display control method, and program
40 9,286,721 Augmented reality system for product identification and promotion
41 9,286,692 System and method of book leaf tracking
42 9,286,666 Image processing apparatus and method, and program to generate high-quality image using normalized image
43 9,286,630 Information processing system, information processing device, information processing method, and information recording medium
44 9,286,462 Apparatus and method for automatic login
45 9,286,446 Domain spanning applications
46 9,286,090 Method and system for compiler identification of code for parallel execution
47 9,286,059 Information processing device and difference generating for software patching system
48 9,286,053 User support system, user support method, and management server for supporting user of portable information terminal
49 9,285,955 Vehicle-mounted apparatus, information providing method for use with vehicle-mounted apparatus, and recording medium recorded information providing method program for use with vehicle-mounted apparatus therein
50 9,285,603 Image blur correction apparatus and imaging apparatus
51 9,285,602 Image blur correction apparatus and imaging apparatus
52 9,285,597 Light source device and stereoscopic display
53 9,285,586 Adjusting parallax barriers
54 9,285,568 Image pickup lens and image pickup unit
55 9,285,235 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
56 9,285,101 Illumination unit and display
57 9,285,096 Illumination unit, projection display unit, and direct-view display unit