Sony patents granted on 15 May 2012

58 US patents granted on 15 May 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D659,694 Memory unit
2 D659,679 Speaker box
3 D659,670 Radio
4 D659,669 Audio player
5 D659,660 Panel display
6 8,181,226 Method and apparatus for multimedia session transfer
7 8,181,216 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and data processing system
8 8,181,214 Recording system and recording substitution system
9 8,181,120 TV widget animation
10 8,180,925 Service providing method and integrated circuit
11 8,180,731 Apparatus and method for computing evaluation values of content data stored for reproduction
12 8,180,437 Optical pulse wave velocity obtaining apparatus and method thereof
13 8,180,411 Injection molded solid mobile phone, machine, and method
14 8,180,363 Communication apparatus preventing communication interference
15 8,180,305 Communication apparatus, communication system, and communication method
16 8,180,300 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
17 8,180,295 Bluetooth enabled computing system and associated methods
18 8,180,286 Wireless power and communication system
19 8,180,278 Information processing system, communication terminal, information processing unit and program
20 8,180,199 Playback apparatus, playback method, program for playback method, and recording medium recorded with program for playback method thereon
21 8,180,189 Optical module and optical waveguide
22 8,180,119 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
23 8,180,090 Headset with exchangeable speaker
24 8,180,002 Digital signal processing device, digital signal processing method, and digital signal processing program
25 8,179,955 Low density parity check (LDPC) coding for a 32K mode interleaver in a digital video broadcasting (DVB) standard
26 8,179,954 Odd interleaving only of an odd-even interleaver when half or less data subcarriers are active in a digital video broadcasting (DVB) standard
27 8,179,941 Laser diode and method of manufacturing the same
28 8,179,856 System and method for managing transmissions between communication devices using compression techniques
29 8,179,756 Optical disc drive apparatus, control method thereof and optical disc drive system
30 8,179,754 Optical disc apparatus, method, and information storage medium for reading information recorded on an optical disc medium
31 8,179,618 Optical unit and image pickup apparatus
32 8,179,527 Terahertz spectrometer
33 8,179,513 Transflective liquid crystal display panel and electronic apparatus
34 8,179,504 Liquid crystal display with a light selective reflection filter
35 8,179,474 Fast iterative motion estimation method on gradually changing images
36 8,179,472 Image pickup apparatus, image pickup method, and program therefor
37 8,179,465 Solid-state imaging device and camera system
38 8,179,461 Solid-state image pickup device, method for driving solid-state image pickup device, and image pickup apparatus
39 8,179,453 Imaging method and imaging apparatus
40 8,179,449 Portable electronic apparatus including a display and method for controlling display content based on movement of the display and user position
41 8,179,442 Imaging device and method for performing surveillance by infrared radiation measurement
42 8,179,392 Pre-charge system for on glass LCD driving circuit
43 8,179,339 Electronic display device
44 8,179,292 Data modulation apparatus, data modulation method, data modulation program, and recording medium
45 8,179,101 Charging apparatus
46 8,179,038 Display apparatus
47 8,178,933 Semiconductor device
48 8,178,872 Molecular device, imaging device, photosensor, and electronic apparatus
49 8,178,770 Information processing apparatus, sound analysis method, and program
50 8,178,238 Positive-electrode active material for lithium-ion secondary battery, positive electrode, manufacturing method thereof, and lithium-ion secondary battery
51 8,178,237 Non-aqueous electrolyte battery and negative electrode
52 8,178,071 Metal oxide nanoparticles, production method thereof, light-emitting element assembly, and optical material
53 8,177,991 Method of applying a pattern of metal, metal oxide and/or semiconductor material on a substrate
54 8,177,642 Game control program, game control method, and game device
55 8,177,611 Scheme for inserting a mimicked performance into a scene and providing an evaluation of same
56 8,177,440 Mobile electronic device
57 8,177,378 Light emitting apparatus and image displaying apparatus
58 8,177,369 Reflective liquid crystal projector and image reproduction apparatus