Sony patents granted on 15 September 2015

44 US patents granted on 15 September 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 9,137,892 Laminated structure, method of manufacturing laminated structure, and electronic apparatus
2 9,137,835 Communication apparatus, communication method, and communication system
3 9,137,825 Scanning of channels based on channel availability information
4 9,137,761 Transmission power control method, communication device and program
5 9,137,566 Distribution system, reception apparatus, and methods for transitioning to new services
6 9,137,527 Communication signal strength display for TV internet adapter
7 9,137,508 Information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium
8 9,137,503 Lens and color filter arrangement, super-resolution camera system and method
9 9,137,496 Entertainment system and method of communication
10 9,137,484 Device, method and software for providing supplementary information
11 9,137,476 User-defined home screen for ultra high definition (UHD) TV
12 9,137,472 Solid-state imaging device and camera system
13 9,137,465 Image pickup device without a light shielding device and defect detecting method thereof
14 9,137,444 Image photography apparatus for clipping an image region
15 9,137,283 Information processing apparatus, and method and information processing system
16 9,137,114 Computer ecosystem providing device announcements of session needs and rule-based establishment of network sharing based thereon
17 9,136,976 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
18 9,136,900 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system, wireless communication method and program
19 9,136,670 Correction circuit, drive circuit, light emission unit, and method of correcting current pulse waveform
20 9,136,515 Heat-resistant microporous film and battery separator
21 9,136,470 Memory element with ion conductor layer in which metal ions diffuse and memory device incorporating same
22 9,136,420 Solid-state imaging device with photoelectric conversion section, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic device with photoelectric conversion section
23 9,136,334 High mobility electron transistor
24 9,136,304 Solid-state imaging device, semiconductor device, manufacturing methods thereof, and electronic apparatus
25 9,136,296 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and radiographic imaging apparatus
26 9,136,285 Display device, method for driving the same, and electronic apparatus
27 9,136,099 Method and substrates for forming crystals
28 9,135,857 Pixel circuit and display device, and a method of manufacturing pixel circuit
29 9,135,856 EL display panel, power supply line drive apparatus, and electronic device
30 9,135,753 Apparatus and method of augmented reality interaction
31 9,135,724 Image processing apparatus and method
32 9,135,703 Information processing apparatus and information processing method and program for them
33 9,135,582 Power demand forecast device, method and system and power failure detection system
34 9,135,368 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
35 9,135,165 Memory control apparatus, memory system, information processing system, and memory control method
36 9,135,108 Data processing device and data processing method
37 9,134,993 Information processing apparatus, server apparatus, information processing method, and program
38 9,134,866 Dry/wet touch screen
39 9,134,856 Apparatus and method for controlling a user interface of a device based on vibratory signals
40 9,134,840 User input apparatus, computer connected to user input apparatus, and control method for computer connected to user input apparatus, and storage medium
41 9,134,832 Portable electronic device and method of controlling a portable electronic device having a proximity-sensing user interface
42 9,134,764 Apparatus and method for controlling a display based on a manner of holding the apparatus
43 9,134,524 Microscope control device, image display device, image management server, in-focus position information generating method, image display method, image management method and microscope image management system
44 9,132,424 Microchip and method of producing microchip