Sony patents granted on 16 April 2013

70 US patents granted on 16 April 2013 and assigned to Sony

1 8,424,110 Content storage apparatus, content storage method, storage medium, and program
2 8,424,101 Information processing apparatus and method, information recording medium manufacturing apparatus and method, and information recording medium
3 8,424,092 Electronic apparatus for authenticating a battery pack
4 8,424,042 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing program, and information processing system
5 8,424,041 Method and system for downloading content to a content downloader
6 8,423,864 Receiving apparatus, receiving method, program, and receiving system
7 8,423,809 Power consumption measuring and power transmission monitoring for data transfer
8 8,423,771 Information processing apparatus and method, setting apparatus and method, and program
9 8,423,540 Related information presentation system, related information presentation method, and information storage medium
10 8,423,333 System for managing objects of virtual space
11 8,423,041 Communication apparatus preventing communication interference
12 8,422,953 Center device
13 8,422,944 Personal function pad
14 8,422,867 Recording apparatus
15 8,422,857 Display control apparatus, display control method, and program
16 8,422,853 Information signal processing method and apparatus, and computer program product
17 8,422,849 Image playback apparatus, image recording apparatus, image playback method, and image recording method
18 8,422,823 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
19 8,422,806 Information processing apparatus and information processing method for reducing the processing load incurred when a reversibly encoded code stream is transformed into an irreversibly encoded code stream
20 8,422,698 Signal processing apparatus and method, and program
21 8,422,695 Sound processing apparatus, sound processing method and program
22 8,422,691 Audio outputting device, audio outputting method, noise reducing device, noise reducing method, program for noise reduction processing, noise reducing audio outputting device, and noise reducing audio outputting method
23 8,422,675 Data transmission system
24 8,422,603 Signal receiving apparatus, signal receiving method and signal receiving program
25 8,422,596 Communication device, communication method, and program
26 8,422,584 Transmission device, imaging device, transmission system, receiving device, and transmission method
27 8,422,565 Information processing device and method, and information processing system
28 8,422,553 Information processing device and method
29 8,422,547 Transmission apparatus, transmission method, reception apparatus, reception method and signal transmission system
30 8,422,482 Space-diversity wireless image communication system
31 8,422,369 Transmission and reception system, transmitter, transmission method, receiver, reception method, and program
32 8,422,221 Television stand
33 8,422,049 Information processing device, information record medium manufacturing device, information record medium, method therefore, and computer program
34 8,421,968 Liquid crystal display apparatus and electronic apparatus
35 8,421,935 Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device
36 8,421,922 Display device, frame rate conversion device, and display method
37 8,421,915 HD signal transmitting device, HD signal transmitting method, HD signal receiving device, and signal receiving method using a conventional interface
38 8,421,914 Method and apparatus converting moving image, method and apparatus for reproducing moving image, and computer program
39 8,421,893 Solid-state imaging apparatus
40 8,421,888 Solid state imaging device having signal noise combining circuitry for masking image reproduction errors
41 8,421,883 Information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium
42 8,421,882 Imaging apparatus and imaging control method
43 8,421,871 Method and apparatus for image pickup and image processing
44 8,421,866 Image monitoring system and image monitoring program
45 8,421,852 Method for manufacturing stereoscopic image display apparatus and stereoscopic image display apparatus
46 8,421,851 Vision correction for high frame rate TVs with shutter glasses
47 8,421,850 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image display apparatus
48 8,421,833 Thermal paper roll, image forming device, image forming method, and program
49 8,421,823 Overlaying camera-derived viewer emotion indication on video display
50 8,421,813 Display device and method of controlling display device
51 8,421,757 Touch sensor with a plurality of touch sensor sections
52 8,421,756 Two-thumb qwerty keyboard
53 8,421,651 Mobile phone with improved keyboard scanning and component reduction and method
54 8,421,603 Electronic apparatus and method and program of controlling electronic apparatus
55 8,421,483 Touch and force sensing for input devices
56 8,421,349 Display device with improved moisture prevention
57 8,421,272 Transmission system, power supplying apparatus, power receiving apparatus, and transmission method
58 8,421,178 Solid-state imaging device, electronic module and electronic apparatus
59 8,421,152 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
60 8,421,033 Fluorescence image producing method, fluorescence image producing apparatus, and fluorescence image producing program
61 8,420,921 Information processing apparatus, sound analysis method, and program
62 8,420,486 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
63 8,420,434 Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device
64 8,420,343 Acquisition method for biological rhythm information
65 8,420,161 Method for producing anti-glare film
66 8,419,985 Polymeric nanoparticles comprising a medium for photon up-conversion
67 8,419,913 Porous electroconductive material and process for production thereof; electrode and process for production thereof; fuel cell and process for production thereof; and electronic instrument, mobile machine, electric power generating system, cogeneration system, and electrode reaction-based apparatus
68 8,419,541 Smart shell to a game controller
69 8,419,257 Display apparatus and planar illumination apparatus
70 8,418,878 Packaging container