Sony patents granted on 16 August 2011

53 US patents granted on 16 August 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D643,409 Adapter
2 8,001,592 Methods and apparatus for accessing resources using a multiprocessor in a trusted mode
3 8,001,576 Information providing system, information processing apparatus and information processing method for transmitting sound and image data
4 8,001,573 Information-processing system, information-processing apparatus, and information-processing method
5 8,001,484 Information processing apparatus and method, and program
6 8,001,390 Methods and apparatus for secure programming and storage of data using a multiprocessor in a trusted mode
7 8,001,377 Methods and apparatus for secure data processing and transmission
8 8,001,294 Methods and apparatus for providing a compressed network in a multi-processing system
9 8,000,972 Remote controller with speech recognition
10 8,000,824 Audio reproducing apparatus
11 8,000,822 Audio reproducing apparatus, audio reproducing method, and audio reproducing processing program
12 8,000,757 Side key seal for a portable electronic device
13 8,000,742 Mobile wireless communication terminals, systems, methods, and computer program products for managing playback of song files
14 8,000,721 Wireless communication terminals and methods that display relative direction and distance therebetween responsive to acceleration data
15 8,000,675 Low cost method for receiving broadcast channels with a cellular terminal
16 8,000,652 Sending and receiving information
17 8,000,581 Advertisement scheme for use with interactive content
18 8,000,548 Wavelet transformation device and method, wavelet inverse transformation device and method, program, and recording medium for performing wavelet transformation at a plurality of division levels
19 8,000,534 Alias avoidance in image processing
20 8,000,489 Speaker module for electronic device
21 8,000,476 Data encryption/decryption method, and device
22 8,000,421 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program therefor
23 8,000,388 Parallel processing apparatus for video compression
24 8,000,355 Interface circuit
25 8,000,301 Wireless communication system, and apparatus and method for wireless communication
26 8,000,218 Recording medium, recording method, and recording apparatus
27 8,000,205 Recording apparatus and recording method
28 8,000,192 Disc-shaped recording medium, cutting apparatus for same, and disc drive
29 8,000,189 Optical pickup and optical disk device
30 8,000,179 Optical disc including two different sets of sectors having identical IDs
31 8,000,097 Information processing device and disk drive device
32 7,999,872 Image display device, image pickup apparatus, image display control method, and program
33 7,999,858 Method and apparatus for obtaining high dynamic range images
34 7,999,843 Image processor, image processing method, recording medium, computer program, and semiconductor device
35 7,999,816 Video display apparatus
36 7,999,814 Information processing apparatus, graphics processor, control processor and information processing methods
37 7,999,813 System and method for data synchronization for a computer architecture for broadband networks
38 7,999,811 Image processing device, method, and program, and objective function
39 7,999,797 Detecting and locating a touch or a tap on an input surface
40 7,999,749 Antenna assembly
41 7,999,717 Folding circuit and analog-to-digital converter
42 7,999,511 Battery charger
43 7,999,453 Electron emitter and a display apparatus utilizing the same
44 7,999,417 Electronic device
45 7,999,291 Method of manufacturing solid state imaging device, solid state imaging device, and camera using solid state imaging device
46 7,999,259 Display device having a photodiode whose p region has an edge width different than that of the n region
47 7,999,217 Image-capturing element including photoelectric conversion cells that pupil-divide object light and output a ranging signal
48 7,999,167 Music composition reproduction device and composite device including the same
49 7,998,880 Low k dielectric CVD film formation process with in-situ imbedded nanolayers to improve mechanical properties
50 7,998,778 Method of producing a solid-state imaging device
51 7,997,746 Arrangement for generating dual images
52 7,997,743 Optical film and manufacturing method therefor, antiglare film, optical layer-attached polarizer, and dispaly apparatus
53 7,997,679 Image forming apparatus and controlling method therefor