Sony patents granted on 16 August 2016

49 US patents granted on 16 August 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 9,420,615 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
2 9,420,295 Joint mode decision with shared bit-budget condition
3 9,420,283 System and method for selecting a video encoding format based on feedback data
4 9,420,224 Nested symbol constellations representing respective services for graceful degradation in the presence of noise
5 9,420,201 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
6 9,420,193 Image pickup apparatus, method of controlling image pickup apparatus, and program
7 9,420,188 Lens control apparatus, lens control method, image capturing apparatus, information processing apparatus, information processing method, image capturing system, and computer readable storage medium
8 9,420,186 Finder optical system and image capturing apparatus
9 9,420,158 System and method for effectively implementing a lens array in an electronic device
10 9,420,111 Communication device, method, and program
11 9,419,773 Resource management method and system thereof
12 9,419,758 Apparatus and method for antenna management
13 9,419,688 Transmission device, reception device, and communication system
14 9,419,471 Communication terminal apparatus and method for supplying terminal power source
15 9,419,458 Storage system, electronic device, electric vehicle and power system
16 9,419,260 Battery device and electronic apparatus
17 9,419,256 Battery unit with peripheral bracket and internal support body
18 9,419,253 Battery pack and its fabricating method, battery, and electronic device
19 9,419,214 Target, method for producing the same, memory, and method for producing the same
20 9,419,157 Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method and designing method thereof, and electronic device
21 9,419,096 Metal oxide semiconductor having epitaxial source drain regions and a method of manufacturing same using dummy gate process
22 9,419,045 Solid-state imaging device and electronic instrument
23 9,419,042 Solid-state imaging apparatus and electronic device
24 9,419,041 Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus
25 9,419,040 Image pickup apparatus, semiconductor device, and electronic device including a buried portion disposed adjacent to a bonding portion, and method for manufacturing the same
26 9,418,707 Accommodating case for portable recording medium
27 9,418,678 Sound processing device, sound processing method, and program
28 9,418,670 Encoding apparatus, encoding method, and program
29 9,418,432 Imaging system with depth estimation mechanism and method of operation thereof
30 9,418,401 Masking tool
31 9,418,293 Information processing apparatus, content providing method, and computer program
32 9,418,286 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
33 9,418,257 Offline mode for tag transmission reports
34 9,418,245 Encryption processing device, encryption processing method, and program
35 9,418,161 Information processing device, information processing method and program
36 9,418,044 Configuring selected component-processors operating environment and input/output connections based on demand
37 9,418,043 Data speculation for array processors
38 9,417,969 Distributed network backup of multimedia files
39 9,417,956 Error detection and correction unit, error detection and correction method, information processor, and program
40 9,417,673 Method, apparatus and graphical user interface for controlling power
41 9,417,500 Display unit and electronic apparatus
42 9,417,405 Electronic device
43 9,417,173 Fine particle measurement device, and laminar flow monitoring method and fine particle analysis method in fine particle measurement device
44 9,417,141 Force sensitive touch sensor
45 9,417,106 Wearable computing device
46 9,416,958 Electric light bulb type light source apparatus
47 9,415,313 Information processing device and information processing method
48 9,415,310 Localisation and mapping
49 9,414,800 X-ray output apparatus