Sony patents granted on 16 February 2016

70 US patents granted on 16 February 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 RE45,891 Solid state imaging device
2 D749,538 Mobile phone
3 D749,512 Rechargeable battery
4 9,265,044 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method and computer program
5 9,265,007 Transmission device, transmission method, reception device, reception method, and program
6 9,264,998 Semiconductor device, antenna switch circuit, and radio communication apparatus
7 9,264,800 Audio signal processing apparatus and audio signal processing method
8 9,264,790 Tray moving mechanism and in-vehicle audio apparatus
9 9,264,785 Media fingerprinting for content determination and retrieval
10 9,264,772 Reception apparatus, reception method, and program
11 9,264,728 Intra-plane and inter-plane predictive method for Bayer image coding
12 9,264,714 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
13 9,264,683 Decoding device and decoding method, encoding device, and encoding method
14 9,264,648 Receiving device, receiving method, transmitting device, and transmitting method
15 9,264,634 Signal processing device and method, imaging element, and imaging device
16 9,264,631 Infrared conversion device, imaging apparatus, and imaging method
17 9,264,623 System and method for displaying content on a television in standby mode
18 9,264,468 Recording device, recording method, and program
19 9,264,410 Dynamic configuration of trusted executed environment resources
20 9,264,272 Demapping apparatus and method for reception of data in a multi-carrier broadcast system
21 9,264,203 Apparatus and method for signaling in a wireless communication system
22 9,264,184 Coordinated signaling of scheduling information for uplink and downlink communications
23 9,264,119 Communication apparatus and method, computer program, and communication system enabling improved throughput for an entire plurality of users
24 9,264,096 Receiver
25 9,264,057 DA converter, AD converter, and semiconductor device
26 9,264,051 Clock generation circuit and electronic apparatus
27 9,263,949 Voltage conversion circuit and electronic circuit
28 9,263,916 Power management system, power management apparatus, and power management method
29 9,263,886 Information processing apparatus and method for supplying electrical power
30 9,263,744 Active material, electrode, secondary battery, battery pack, electric vehicle, electric power storage system, electric power tool, and electronic apparatus
31 9,263,743 Electrode, secondary battery, battery pack, electric vehicle, electric power storage system, electric power tool, and electronic apparatus
32 9,263,740 Battery anode containing CoSnC material
33 9,263,735 Anode and battery
34 9,263,694 Organic EL element, display device, and illuminating device
35 9,263,670 Memory element and memory device
36 9,263,505 Display, method for driving display, and electronic apparatus having parallel holding capacitors
37 9,263,496 Method of manufacturing an image sensor by joining a pixel circuit substrate and a logic circuit substrate and thereafter thinning the pixel circuit substrate
38 9,263,493 Image pickup element, imaging apparatus, manufacturing apparatus for image pickup element, and manufacturing method for image pickup element
39 9,263,490 Methods of forming integrated circuits
40 9,263,488 Semiconductor device, manufacturing method of semiconductor device, semiconductor wafer, and electronic equipment
41 9,263,085 Method for copy protection
42 9,263,027 Broadcast system using text to speech conversion
43 9,262,996 Apparatus and method for displaying images
44 9,262,890 Customizing player-generated audio in electronic games
45 9,262,860 System and method for importance sampling of area lights in participating media
46 9,262,839 Image processing device and image processing method
47 9,262,833 Methodology for performing depth estimation with defocused images under extreme lighting conditions
48 9,262,683 Image processing device, image processing method, and program
49 9,262,663 Image processing device, image processing method, and program
50 9,262,128 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and computer program
51 9,262,119 Recording/transferring program, recording/transferring apparatus, and recording/transferring method
52 9,262,040 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
53 9,261,966 Close range natural user interface system and method of operation thereof
54 9,261,956 Display device and display method that determines intention or status of a user
55 9,261,954 Display control device, display control method, and recording medium
56 9,261,937 Information processing apparatus and power supply control circuit
57 9,261,928 Electronic device
58 9,261,914 Flexible display device and method of controlling flexible display device
59 9,261,906 Information terminal apparatus and information processing method
60 9,261,899 Electronic apparatus
61 9,261,896 Force sense presentation apparatus
62 9,261,706 Display device, display method and computer program
63 9,261,705 Display device and display system
64 9,261,686 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
65 9,261,400 Focus detection apparatus, electronic apparatus, manufacturing apparatus, and manufacturing method
66 9,259,906 Optical laminated body, method of manufacturing the same, and display unit
67 9,259,647 Image generation program, recording medium, information processing method, information processing device and information processing program for a puzzle game
68 9,259,646 Object control device, computer readable storage medium storing object control program, and object control method
69 9,259,641 Entertainment device and method
70 9,259,159 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program for measuring eardrum temperature