Sony patents granted on 16 January 2007

23 US patents granted on 16 January 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 D535,280 Disc player
2 D535,249 Battery
3 7,165,259 Distributed software applications in the HAVi home network
4 7,165,235 Exposure pattern forming method and exposure pattern
5 7,165,223 Information processing system, entertainment system, startup screen display method and information recording medium
6 7,165,217 Electronic book display device and its display method
7 7,165,128 Multifunctional I/O organizer unit for multiprocessor multimedia chips
8 7,164,895 Antenna tuned circuit for a superheterodyne receiver
9 7,164,889 Mobile communication system
10 7,164,846 Video-signal recording and playback apparatus, video-signal recording and playback method, and recording medium
11 7,164,767 Data transfer system, data transfer apparatus, data recording apparatus, and data transfer method
12 7,164,722 Radio communications system, transmitter, receiver, radio transmission method, radio reception method and computer program therefor
13 7,164,695 Wireless transmission apparatus and wireless transmission method
14 7,164,633 Recording medium, recording apparatus, and reading apparatus
15 7,164,559 Head actuator with elastic members oriented at obtuse angles relative to an arm and hard disk apparatus equipped with same
16 7,164,551 Tape cassette and tape driver
17 7,164,529 Polarizing eyeglass device
18 7,164,433 Display device, display method, program recording medium, and program
19 7,164,432 Information processing apparatus and method therefor, and medium
20 7,164,148 Light emitting device
21 7,163,762 Polymer electrolyte battery and method of producing same
22 7,163,757 Secondary batteries having a protective circuit
23 7,163,598 Optical waveguide and method for producing same