Sony patents granted on 16 July 2013

62 US patents granted on 16 July 2013 and assigned to Sony

1 D686,270 Projector
2 D686,269 Projector
3 D686,148 Battery
4 D686,147 Battery
5 8,490,199 Moderation of cheating in on-line gaming sessions
6 8,490,140 Electronic device and method, recording medium, and program
7 8,490,131 Automatic capture of data for acquisition of metadata
8 8,490,104 Method and apparatus for reservation and reallocation of surplus resources to processes in an execution space by a local resource manager after the execution space is generated succeeding the initialization of an application for which the execution space is created and the resources are allocated to the execution space by a global resource manager prior to application execution
9 8,490,031 Method, apparatus and program for adjusting feature dimensions to compensate for planarizing effects in the generation of mask data and manufacturing semiconductor device
10 8,489,956 Data processing apparatus and data processing method
11 8,489,955 Data processing apparatus, data processing method and program
12 8,489,881 Information terminal apparatus, information processing apparatus and information communication system
13 8,489,879 Apparatus, method, program, and system for information processing
14 8,489,850 Memory apparatus and memory control method
15 8,489,710 Network system, controller, recording device, service server, method of acquiring resource status of recording device, and computer program
16 8,489,147 Simplified access to messaging services
17 8,488,950 Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method, data structure, recording medium, recording apparatus and recording method, and program
18 8,488,946 Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method and reproducing computer program product
19 8,488,939 Recording apparatus, software update data acquisition method, program, and data delivery system
20 8,488,908 System and method for capturing adjacent images by utilizing a panorama mode
21 8,488,904 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
22 8,488,901 Content based adjustment of an image
23 8,488,788 Method for simulcrypting scrambled data to a plurality of conditional access devices
24 8,488,713 Information processing apparatus, encoding method and signal transmission method
25 8,488,695 Receiving apparatus and method, program, and receiving system
26 8,488,669 Coding device and method, decoding device and method, recording medium, and program
27 8,488,647 Semiconductor light emitting device
28 8,488,430 Recording medium and reproducing apparatus
29 8,488,249 Optical element, imaging device, and method of driving the optical element
30 8,488,241 Optical film and method for manufacturing the same, antiglare polarizer, and display apparatus
31 8,488,214 Image reading apparatus and optical module using the same
32 8,488,180 Printer and printing method that prevents intermixing of different image data on recording medium
33 8,488,067 TV use simulation
34 8,488,054 Electronic device including a biometric authentication function
35 8,488,053 Imaging device for use with detachable lens and corresponding shutter brake system
36 8,488,038 Image display apparatus, imaging apparatus, image display method, and program
37 8,488,034 Imaging device and camera system including sense circuits to make binary decision
38 8,488,030 Information acquiring method, information acquiring apparatus, semiconductor device comprising array of plurality of unit components for detecting physical quantity distribution, and semiconductor manufacturing method
39 8,488,018 Image blur correction unit, lens barrel device, and camera apparatus
40 8,488,016 Imaging processing apparatus, camera system, image processing method, and program
41 8,488,012 Automatic image-capturing apparatus, automatic image-capturing control method, image display system, image display method, display control apparatus, and display control method
42 8,488,009 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
43 8,488,007 Method to estimate segmented motion
44 8,487,847 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
45 8,487,827 Antenna device
46 8,487,801 Analog-to-digital converter and signal processing system
47 8,487,630 Battery pack and method for detecting degradation of battery
48 8,487,388 Solid-state image pickup apparatus, method for manufacturing same, and electronic device
49 8,487,381 Protection element and semiconductor device having the protection element
50 8,487,335 Light emitting device, illumination apparatus and display apparatus
51 8,487,273 Microchip and particulate fractional collection apparatus
52 8,487,255 Passive radiometric imaging device and method
53 8,486,793 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device with semiconductor materials with different lattice constants
54 8,486,789 Method for manufacturing insulated gate field effect transistor
55 8,486,774 Thin film transistor and display device
56 8,486,748 Method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device
57 8,486,566 Positive electrode for lithium-ion secondary battery, manufacturing method thereof, and lithium-ion secondary battery
58 8,486,550 Battery pack
59 8,486,547 Electronic device and battery pack
60 8,485,904 Operation device
61 8,485,670 Projector apparatus
62 8,484,803 Rotational hinge