Sony patents granted on 16 June 2015

41 US patents granted on 16 June 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 D732,014 Audio player
2 9,060,423 Laminated wiring board
3 9,060,367 Communication control apparatus, communication control method, and communication system
4 9,060,260 Method and apparatus for tailoring electronic content retrieval according to wireless communication device capabilities
5 9,060,240 Multi-tier wireless home mesh network with a secure network discovery protocol
6 9,060,198 Home network component controlling data and function of another home network component
7 9,060,166 Preventing interference between primary and secondary content in a stereoscopic display
8 9,060,145 Solid-state image taking apparatus, method for driving solid-state image taking apparatus and electronic apparatus
9 9,060,143 Solid-state imaging device, method of driving a solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus including a solid-state imaging device
10 9,060,134 Imaging apparatus, image sensor, imaging control method, and program
11 9,060,129 Imaging device, control method of imaging device, and computer program
12 9,060,126 Solid-state image sensing apparatus
13 9,060,042 Control apparatus and control method
14 9,059,593 Charge controlling system, charge controlling apparatus, charge controlling method and discharge controlling apparatus
15 9,059,520 Wireless communication device and communication terminal apparatus
16 9,059,492 Waveguide interposer substrate having first and second conversion structures on opposed waveguide surfaces
17 9,059,452 Anode for lithium ion secondary battery, lithium ion secondary battery, electric power tool, electrical vehicle, and electric power storage system
18 9,059,382 Light source circuit unit, illuminator, and display
19 9,059,312 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
20 9,059,266 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
21 9,059,146 Electronic apparatus
22 9,059,122 Display unit
23 9,059,069 Linear sensor, image sensor, and electronic apparatus
24 9,059,062 Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
25 9,058,979 Semiconductor integrated circuit having a switch, an electrically-conductive electrode line and an electrically-conductive virtual line
26 9,058,978 Memory device and method of manufacturing the same
27 9,058,972 Semiconductor device, manufacturing method therefor, and electronic apparatus
28 9,058,873 Memory element having ion source layers with different contents of a chalcogen element
29 9,058,641 Image processing device and image processing method
30 9,058,593 Reception method, reception device, transmission method, transmission device, transmission/reception method, transmission/reception device
31 9,058,553 Contact/non-contact type hybrid IC card, communication method, program and communication system
32 9,058,325 Information providing system, apparatus and method for information processing, and computer program product
33 9,058,238 Electronic device with customizable embedded software and methods therefor
34 9,058,164 Power consumption reduction in a multiprocessor system
35 9,058,162 Storage control apparatus, storage apparatus, information processing system and processing method therefor
36 9,058,098 Display control device
37 9,058,063 Tracking system calibration using object position and orientation
38 9,058,057 Information processor, information processing method and program
39 9,057,943 Directional sound capturing
40 9,057,753 Sensing device, power reception device, power transmission device, non-contact power transmission system, and sensing method
41 9,056,245 Electronic apparatus