Sony patents granted on 16 November 2010

49 US patents granted on 16 November 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 7,836,477 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method
2 7,836,476 Contents reproducing method and device for reproducing contents on recording medium
3 7,836,446 Conflict management program, storage medium for conflict management program storage, conflict management method, and electronic apparatus for terminal devices
4 7,836,311 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program used therewith
5 7,836,263 Nonvolatile memory controlling method and nonvolatile memory controlling apparatus
6 7,836,243 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory apparatus and memory system
7 7,836,164 Extensible network discovery subsystem
8 7,836,159 Control of home network devices
9 7,836,134 E-mail address inspection
10 7,836,109 Data structure, recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, program, and record medium
11 7,835,725 Wireless communication system, terminal, processing method for use in the terminal, and program for allowing the terminal to execute the method
12 7,835,696 Adaptive subcarrier loading
13 7,835,688 Communication system
14 7,835,621 Encoding controlling apparatus and encoding system
15 7,835,620 Information processing system, information output apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
16 7,835,618 Recording apparatus, recording method, program of recording method, and recording medium having program of recording method recorded thereon
17 7,835,579 Image displaying apparatus that retrieves a desired image from a number of accessible images using image feature quantities
18 7,835,546 Pseudorandom number generation apparatus, pseudorandom number generation method and program
19 7,835,539 Electroacoustic transducer using diaphragm and method for producing diaphragm
20 7,835,517 Encryption processing apparatus, encryption processing method, and computer program
21 7,835,510 Conference system and terminal apparatus
22 7,835,436 Video-encoding device and video-encoding control method
23 7,835,433 Multiple receiving devices determining the sampling rate for received signals using a plurality of sampling rates
24 7,835,423 Receiving device to determine the sampling rate for a received signal using a plurality of sampling rates
25 7,835,338 Communication system, communication device, wired communication device, and communication method
26 7,835,245 Evaluation value calculating apparatus, recording and playback apparatus, evaluation value calculating method, recording method
27 7,835,240 Recording apparatus, abnormality detection method, and program
28 7,835,236 Servo control apparatus and method, and disk recording or playback apparatus
29 7,835,086 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
30 7,835,049 Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
31 7,834,938 Controlled information processing apparatus
32 7,834,931 Apparatus and method for capturing an image using a flash and a solid-state image pickup device
33 7,834,919 Imaging apparatus, imaging signal processing method, and program for fluctuation elimination in an image
34 7,834,917 Imaging apparatus, noise reduction apparatus, noise reduction method, and noise reduction program
35 7,834,916 Video content editing support system and method
36 7,834,915 Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, imaging processing method, and computer program
37 7,834,823 Display apparatus, driving method thereof and electronic device
38 7,834,797 Switched capacitor circuit, switched capacitor filter, and sigma-delta A/D converter
39 7,834,556 Driving method for organic electroluminescence light emitting section
40 7,834,412 Low dark current image sensors by substrate engineering
41 7,834,169 P300 histone acetylase inhibitor
42 7,833,652 Battery loading mechanism and electronic apparatus
43 7,833,570 Dimensional stabilization of precision etched masks
44 7,833,000 Optical modeling apparatus
45 7,832,915 Surface light source device and image display unit
46 7,832,881 Mirror drive apparatus and imaging apparatus
47 7,832,055 Hinge
48 RE41,939 Audio/video reproducing apparatus and method
49 D627,384 Camera