Sony patents granted on 16 October 2007

38 US patents granted on 16 October 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,284,275 Information playback apparatus method and recording medium
2 7,284,259 Transmitting method, transmitting system and transmission control device
3 7,284,258 Apparatus and system for providing program-related information, and program-related information providing method
4 7,284,256 Method and system to maintain relative statistics for creating automatically a list of favorites
5 7,284,254 Disk cartridge and disk recording medium device having shutter members
6 7,284,188 Method and system for embedding MPEG-7 header data to improve digital content queries
7 7,284,145 Clock control circuit and integrated circuit
8 7,284,129 Data processing apparatus and method
9 7,284,128 Recording medium, recording medium method and apparatus , information signal output control method, recording medium reproducing apparatus, signal transmission method, and content data
10 7,284,090 Data managing method for memory apparatus
11 7,284,063 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and transmitting medium
12 7,284,059 Terminal device, data transmission-reception system and data transmission-reception initiation method
13 7,283,968 Method for grouping short windows in audio encoding
14 7,283,961 High-quality speech synthesis device and method by classification and prediction processing of synthesized sound
15 7,283,802 Remote control system
16 7,283,731 Recording apparatus, recording method, reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, and record medium
17 7,283,730 Optical disc camcorder
18 7,283,678 Data processing apparatus and method and recording medium
19 7,283,633 Information recording and/or reproducing method and information recording and/or reproducing device
20 7,283,592 Method and apparatus for modulating and demodulating data into a variable length code and a providing medium for implementing the method
21 7,283,581 Spread spectrum communication system apparatus
22 7,283,405 Semiconductor memory device and signal processing system
23 7,283,286 Hologram recording/reproducing device and optical unit
24 7,283,174 Video signal processing apparatus, video signal processing method and video source determining method
25 7,283,173 Coefficient seed data or coefficient data production device used in image display apparatus, method for producing coefficient seed data or coefficient data used in image display apparatus, program therefor, and computer-readable medium for storing the same
26 7,283,117 Shift register and display device
27 7,283,041 Side mirror device for vehicle
28 7,283,013 Contactless IC card system
29 7,282,856 Electroluminescent display having an adhesive layer comprised of two or more liquids
30 7,282,383 Micromachine production method
31 7,282,379 Nitride semiconductor, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing the same
32 7,282,299 Solid electrolyte battery
33 7,281,951 Connector and memory card
34 7,281,945 Structures of terminals and component-to-be-loaded
35 7,281,934 Connector
36 7,281,784 Liquid discharge apparatus and method for discharging liquid
37 D553,148 Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
38 D553,120 Combined speaker box and power supply adaptor