Sony patents granted on 16 September 2008

40 US patents granted on 16 September 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D577,002 Clock radio with docking station
2 D576,979 Disc player
3 D576,978 Disc player
4 D576,972 Television receiver
5 D576,971 Television receiver
6 D576,869 Clip for battery pack
7 7,426,751 Recording medium, information transmission method, terminal, server, and recording method
8 7,426,671 Re-transmission controlling method and wireless communication terminal apparatus
9 7,426,651 System and method for encoding independent clock using communication system reference clock
10 7,426,639 Information processing apparatus and method for managing grouped devices in an encrypted environment
11 7,426,615 Information recording method and apparatus, information reproducing method and apparatus
12 7,426,593 Information processing system, reproducing terminal device and reproducing method, information processing device and method, and program for synchronous display of content
13 7,426,563 Content playback apparatus, server connection method, and recording medium
14 7,426,539 Dynamic bandwidth control
15 7,426,493 Electronic money system and electronic money terminal
16 7,426,473 Sales activity management system, sales activity management apparatus, and sales activity management method
17 7,426,467 System and method for supporting interactive user interface operations and storage medium
18 7,426,462 Fast codebook selection method in audio encoding
19 7,426,396 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, and wireless communication method
20 7,426,333 Recording apparatus and method, recording medium and program
21 7,426,330 Recording device and recording method
22 7,426,317 Image processing apparatus and image processing method, storage medium and computer program
23 7,426,296 Human skin tone detection in YCbCr space
24 7,426,277 Encryption of information input to portable card terminal using encryption key information associated to portable card terminal identifier
25 7,426,240 Data processing apparatus and method operable to map and de-map symbols and carrier signals of an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexed (OFDM) symbol
26 7,426,222 Laser apparatus
27 7,426,171 Optical lens, condenser lens, optical pickup, and optical recording/reproducing apparatus
28 7,426,158 Management method and apparatus for a mini disc having recorded index audio data
29 7,426,069 Optical apparatus and imaging apparatus
30 7,425,990 Motion correction device and method
31 7,425,988 Image pick-up apparatus, image processing apparatus and method of correcting chromatic aberration of lens
32 7,425,979 Communication system
33 7,425,969 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program storage medium
34 7,425,943 Constant current driving device, backlight light source device, and color liquid crystal display device
35 7,425,939 Active matrix type display apparatus, active matrix type organic electroluminescence display apparatus, and driving methods thereof
36 7,425,814 Battery pack and remaining battery power calculation method
37 7,425,813 Battery pack and function expansion cartridge
38 7,425,793 Lamp cooling device and projection display apparatus
39 7,425,724 Memory device and method of production and method of use of same and semiconductor device and method of production of same
40 7,425,722 Organic compound crystal and field-effect transistor