Sony patents granted on 17 April 2007

36 US patents granted on 17 April 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,207,007 Editing system, editing method, clip management device, and clip management method
2 7,206,853 content abstraction layer for use in home network applications
3 7,206,792 Data management apparatus
4 7,206,666 Actuator unit and multi-axis robot
5 7,206,648 Multi-channel audio reproducing apparatus
6 7,206,612 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method, program storage medium, and telephone set
7 7,206,452 Data processing apparatus and method and recording medium
8 7,206,430 Data processing apparatus and method of processing data
9 7,206,320 Method and apparatus for non-centralized network bandwidth management
10 7,206,255 Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
11 7,206,173 Magnetoresistive-effect element having a prominent magnetoresistive effect, and method of manufacturing same
12 7,206,152 Adaptive equalizing circuit and regenerative device using it, and adaptive equalizing method
13 7,206,144 Imaging lens and imaging apparatus
14 7,206,018 Signal processing method and apparatus and recording medium
15 7,205,993 Checkerboard buffer using two-dimensional buffer pages and using memory bank alternation
16 7,205,989 Power supply voltage converting circuit control method thereof display apparatus and portable terminal
17 7,205,978 Mobile apparatus having tactile feedback function
18 7,205,959 Multi-layered displays providing different focal lengths with optically shiftable viewing formats and terminals incorporating the same
19 7,205,919 Digital signal processing apparatus and digital signal processing method
20 7,205,910 Signal encoding apparatus and signal encoding method, and signal decoding apparatus and signal decoding method
21 7,205,834 Power amplifier
22 7,205,800 Clock frequency divider circuit
23 7,205,619 Method of producing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
24 7,205,214 Device transferring method
25 7,205,213 Device transferring method
26 7,205,212 Device transferring method
27 7,205,172 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
28 7,205,168 Semiconductor light emitting device, its manufacturing method, integrated semiconductor light emitting apparatus, its manufacturing method, illuminating apparatus, and its manufacturing method
29 7,204,739 Cathode panel for a cold cathode field emission display and cold cathode field emission display, and method of producing cathode panel for a cold cathode field emission display
30 7,204,593 3-D image display unit
31 7,204,410 Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system, and medium
32 D540,882 Video games accessory
33 D540,841 Camera housing
34 D540,795 Combined monitor display and camera
35 D540,783 Speaker box
36 D540,782 Speaker box