Sony patents granted on 17 April 2012

79 US patents granted on 17 April 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D657,780 Headset
2 8,161,566 Transmission/reception system, recording apparatus and method, providing apparatus and method, and program
3 8,161,508 Image content and advertisement data providing method, system, and apparatus
4 8,161,276 Demodulator device and method of operating the same
5 8,161,218 Network adapter, method, and computer program product
6 8,161,161 Information processing method and information processing apparatus
7 8,161,129 Communication system, network system, information controller and terminal equipment
8 8,161,094 System and method for notification within decentralized network
9 8,161,086 Recording device, recording method, computer program, and recording medium
10 8,161,021 Recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, and file management method
11 8,160,987 Estimating device and method, and program
12 8,160,744 Contact shape computing apparatus and method, and computer program therefor
13 8,160,724 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium and program
14 8,160,654 Power reception control device, power reception device, and electronic instrument
15 8,160,605 Wireless terminal and user interface method
16 8,160,505 Wireless communication apparatus, program, wireless communication method and wireless communication system
17 8,160,431 Image reproduction system and device, image capture device, and information processing device
18 8,160,430 Recording apparatus and recording method
19 8,160,422 Data recording device, data recording method, data processing device, data processing method, program, program recording medium, data recording medium, and data structure
20 8,160,418 Methods for content redistribution within networked recording devices
21 8,160,370 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
22 8,160,366 Object recognition device, object recognition method, program for object recognition method, and recording medium having recorded thereon program for object recognition method
23 8,160,302 Image processing apparatus and method for estimating orientation
24 8,160,299 Image processing apparatus
25 8,160,288 In-ear earphone with cushioning member
26 8,160,277 Method for outputting audio signals and audio decoder
27 8,160,269 Methods and apparatuses for adjusting a listening area for capturing sounds
28 8,160,267 Car audio equipment
29 8,160,265 Method and apparatus for enhancing the generation of three-dimensional sound in headphone devices
30 8,160,259 Audio signal processing apparatus, audio signal processing method, and program
31 8,160,239 Echo canceller and speech processing apparatus
32 8,160,162 Method for transmitting a signal via a power line network, transmitter, receiver, power line communication modem and power line communication system
33 8,160,155 Apparatus for encoding and decoding header data in picture signal transmission
34 8,160,151 Motion vector detection apparatus, motion vector processing method and program
35 8,160,141 Advanced video coded pictures–reduced cost computation of an intra mode decision in the frequency domain
36 8,160,135 Video-information encoding method and video-information decoding method
37 8,160,134 Encoding system and method, decoding system and method, multiplexing apparatus and method, and display system and method
38 8,160,129 Image pickup apparatus and image distributing method
39 8,160,082 Data distribution by proxy
40 8,159,990 Wireless audio data distribution using broadcast and bidirectional communication channels
41 8,159,924 Optical disc device and media type determination method
42 8,159,918 Reproduction signal evaluation method, reproduction signal evaluation unit, and optical disk device adopting the same
43 8,159,914 Information-recording system including error detection and a data recording position adjustment unit and method, program-storing medium, and program
44 8,159,911 Recording device, recording method, disc manufacturing method and optical disc recording medium
45 8,159,909 Optical head, optical drive apparatus, and method for generating tracking error signal
46 8,159,865 Information storage element and method of writing/reading information into/from information storage element
47 8,159,766 Data processing system having data reproduction independent of data processing
48 8,159,756 Variable focal length lens system image pick up apparatus
49 8,159,754 Optical device, electronic apparatus, and method of manufacturing optical device
50 8,159,611 Television receiver for electromagnetic wave type remote control
51 8,159,607 Video signal display system, video signal reproducing apparatus, and video signal display method
52 8,159,596 Infrared-absorbing filter with multilayer film in imaging optical system
53 8,159,593 Display apparatus with a single detection object for determining open/close and inversion of the display
54 8,159,590 Solid-state image sensing device
55 8,159,584 Solid-state imaging apparatus and camera
56 8,159,572 Image pickup apparatus, apparatus and method for processing information, program, and program recording medium
57 8,159,567 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
58 8,159,564 Signal-processing method, signal-processing system, and semiconductor device configured to detect physical-quantity distribution
59 8,159,551 Portable electronic equipment with automatic control to keep display turned on and method
60 8,159,538 Monitoring apparatus, filter calibration method, and filter calibration program
61 8,159,527 Method of displaying pictures, program for displaying pictures, recording medium holding the program, and display unit
62 8,159,522 Camera unit
63 8,159,514 Printing apparatus
64 8,159,510 Liquid crystal display
65 8,159,480 Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
66 8,159,479 Pixel circuit and display device
67 8,159,450 Liquid crystal display and display control method for the same
68 8,159,438 Liquid crystal display device, drive method thereof, and mobile terminal
69 8,159,431 Electrooptic device and electronic apparatus
70 8,159,424 Display device and electronic apparatus
71 8,159,395 Communication device, communication system, position detection method and program
72 8,159,182 Contactless power transferring coil unit, mobile terminal, power transmitting apparatus, and contactless power transferring system
73 8,159,121 Field effect electron emitting apparatus
74 8,159,112 Polymeric actuator controller, polymeric actuator control method, and electronic apparatus
75 8,158,997 Optical element package and method of manufacturing the same
76 8,158,887 Adhesive film, connecting method, and joined structure
77 8,158,281 Anode active material and battery using the same
78 8,158,189 Method for producing display device
79 8,157,653 Automatic player information generation for interactive entertainment