Sony patents granted on 17 February 2009

35 US patents granted on 17 February 2009 and assigned to Sony

1 D586,835 Digital camera
2 7,493,648 Data transmission device, data receiving device, data transmitting method, data receiving method, recording device, playback device, recording method, and playback method
3 7,493,642 Method of selecting a portion of a block of data for display based on characteristics of a display device
4 7,493,636 Method and apparatus for providing electronic coupons
5 7,493,635 Recording medium drive device, electronic equipment having the recording medium drive device, and recording medium cartridge
6 7,493,631 Disc drive apparatus
7 7,493,508 Information processing device, method, and program
8 7,493,368 System and method for effectively providing user information from a user device
9 7,493,339 Information processing method and apparatus for displaying labels
10 7,493,275 Terminal, charging system, and data processing method
11 7,493,151 Housing arrangement for a portable device with a display
12 7,493,085 Remote control transmitter apparatus
13 7,493,036 Imaging device
14 7,493,033 Image pickup device and method, and program
15 7,493,022 Video signal processing apparatus and method
16 7,493,014 Replaying video information
17 7,493,007 Hermetic seal device for polarization-maintaining optical fiber and hermetic seal partition
18 7,492,950 Image encoding apparatus and method for handling intra-image predictive encoding with various color spaces and color signal resolutions
19 7,492,917 Headphone with cord take-up device
20 7,492,895 Data recording method and apparatus, data reproducing method and apparatus, and data recording and/or reproducing system
21 7,492,894 Information-processing apparatus, control method, program and recording medium
22 7,492,890 Integrated corded system connector for a wireless communications device
23 7,492,676 Optical pickup and optical disc apparatus including the same
24 7,492,549 Automatic balancing device, rotational driving device and disk drive
25 7,492,547 Cartridge device with an ejection slider having a projection insertable into a positioning recess
26 7,492,520 Light source apparatus and display apparatus
27 7,492,414 Method of and apparatus for maintaining smooth video transition between distinct applications
28 7,492,409 Light controller and imaging apparatus
29 7,492,393 Method of and apparatus for generating a precise frame rate in digital video transmission from a computer system to a digital video device
30 7,492,386 Display management during a multi-party conversation
31 7,492,218 Digital amplifier apparatus and method of resetting a digital amplifier apparatus
32 7,492,192 Logic processing apparatus, semiconductor device and logic circuit
33 7,492,126 Secondary cell residual capacity calculation method and battery pack
34 7,491,878 Method and apparatus for automatically creating musical compositions
35 7,491,290 Two-pack type adhesive