Sony patents granted on 17 February 2015

40 US patents granted on 17 February 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 D722,649 Cradle
2 8,959,560 Navigation within switched digital streamed content
3 8,959,545 Reverse 911 using TV
4 8,959,456 Information processing device, information processing method, and program for providing candidate information to a user
5 8,959,434 Add-in program for upload, auxiliary program for upload and upload method
6 8,959,355 Authentication device, authentication method, program, and signature generation device
7 8,959,174 System, apparatus, method and program for processing information
8 8,959,170 Communication method, information processing apparatus, and recording medium recording computer readable program
9 8,959,145 System and method for preloading content segments to client devices in an electronic network
10 8,959,071 Videolens media system for feature selection
11 8,958,686 Information processing device, synchronization method, and program
12 8,958,684 Screening management system, screening management method and program product
13 8,958,655 Image processor, image processing method, and computer readable medium
14 8,958,585 Sound image localization apparatus
15 8,958,442 Communication apparatus and communication method, communication system, and computer program
16 8,958,221 Grid tied inverter, system and method
17 8,958,073 Imaging apparatus, electronic apparatus, photovoltaic cell, and method of manufacturing imaging apparatus
18 8,958,033 Information processing apparatus
19 8,958,017 Reception apparatus and electronic equipment
20 8,957,996 Solid-state imaging device and camera system
21 8,957,979 Image capturing apparatus and control program product with speed detection features
22 8,957,971 Image processing device and method, image processing system, and image processing program
23 8,957,907 Fill-volume techniques for use in a hair/fur pipeline
24 8,957,890 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
25 8,957,861 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and terminal apparatus for superimposing a display of virtual keys upon an input unit
26 8,957,805 Balanced signal processing circuit and analog-digital conversion circuit
27 8,957,768 Operation apparatus
28 8,957,622 Fuel cell system and electronic device
29 8,957,416 Thin film transistor, manufacturing method of the same and electronic equipment
30 8,957,357 Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method of the same, and electronic apparatus
31 8,957,331 Operation unit and electronic apparatus
32 8,956,899 Method of fabricating a display device with step configuration in the insulating layer
33 8,956,772 Fuel cell, and power supply device and electronic apparatus using the same
34 8,956,766 Non-aqueous electrolyte battery, method of manufacturing non-aqueous electrolyte battery, insulating material, method of manufacturing insulating material, battery pack, electronic device, electromotive vehicle, power storage apparatus, and electric power system
35 8,956,758 Anode active material and battery
36 8,956,742 Battery separator, method of manufacturing a battery separator, battery, battery pack, and electronic apparatus
37 8,956,736 Organic electroluminescent device and display apparatus
38 8,956,232 Special regional online video game forum based on location
39 8,956,230 Haptic device for 3-D gaming
40 8,955,997 Display device, illuminating device and housing