Sony patents granted on 17 January 2006

30 US patents granted on 17 January 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 6,988,275 Biaxial actuator apparatus and a method for mounting and adjusting the biaxial actuator
2 6,988,244 Image generating apparatus and method
3 6,988,187 Counting instructions to skip in superscaler processor
4 6,988,127 Advertising and managing communities within a virtual space
5 6,988,013 Method and apparatus for audio signal processing
6 6,987,970 Method of controlling a communication terminal having a plurality of functions, communication terminal apparatus, communication control system
7 6,987,967 Communication apparatus and communication method
8 6,987,884 Image processing device and method, and recorded medium
9 6,987,739 Video data multiplexing device, video data multiplexing control method, encoded stream multiplexing device and method, and encoding device and method
10 6,987,725 Optical recording medium with high density track pitch and optical disk drive for recording and playback of the same
11 6,987,723 Optical recording medium with high density track pitch and optical disk drive for recording and playback of the same
12 6,987,718 Optical disc copy prevention system
13 6,987,715 Apparatus and associated methodology of imparting content protection to optically recorded data for secure reproduction
14 6,987,713 Method and apparatus for controlling the optical head during occuring of an obstacle
15 6,987,677 Switching power supply apparatus
16 6,987,647 Rotary head cleaning device
17 6,987,618 Polarization converting device, illumination optical system and projector
18 6,987,616 Light reflection/diffraction device, light reflection/diffraction device array, and image display
19 6,987,614 Optical pickup and optical disc drive device
20 6,987,606 Image production apparatus, image display apparatus, image display method and optical modulation device adjustment apparatus
21 6,987,544 Method and apparatus for processing image
22 6,987,540 Digital broadcasting reception system, digital broadcasting receiver, display, printer and printing method
23 6,987,539 Image signal conversion apparatus, method and display for image signal conversion based on selected pixel data
24 6,987,526 Data transmission method and data transmission system
25 6,987,518 Graphics and video integration with alpha and video blending
26 6,987,513 Graphical user interface utilizing a plurality of node processing means for view/drawing including analysis, selection, display control, view generation and re-generation
27 6,987,374 Robot apparatus, and load absorbing apparatus and method
28 6,986,861 Method of producing an optical recording medium
29 6,986,463 Method and system of broadcasting item location
30 D513,611 Disc player