Sony patents granted on 17 January 2012

66 US patents granted on 17 January 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 RE43,111 Picture signal transmitting method and apparatus
2 D652,414 Computer
3 8,099,772 Information terminal apparatus, information processing apparatus and information communication system
4 8,099,752 Non-real time services
5 8,099,612 Information processing apparatus
6 8,099,606 Data storage apparatus, data providing system and data providing method
7 8,099,589 System and method for rapid boot of secondary operating system
8 8,099,531 Information processing method and computer program comprising network card wherein a plurality of processors switches use of network card related to setting of resource flag
9 8,099,519 Content providing device, data processing method, and computer program
10 8,099,460 Information processing device and method, recording medium, and program
11 8,099,455 Notifying remote devices of available content
12 8,099,108 Mobile terminals including display screens capable of displaying maps and map display methods for mobile terminals
13 8,099,053 Communication apparatus and communication system
14 8,099,049 Communication method, communication device, and computer program
15 8,098,982 Image shake correction apparatus and image pickup apparatus
16 8,098,979 Reproduction apparatus having protection flags and code number
17 8,098,977 Signal reproducing apparatus and signal reproducing method
18 8,098,975 Video recording apparatus and method, video transmission method, program for video recording method, and storage medium having stored program for video recording method
19 8,098,947 Method and apparatus for processing image data by rearranging wavelet transform data
20 8,098,944 Image processing apparatus, method, storage medium, and program
21 8,098,881 Advertisement insertion systems and methods for digital cameras based on object recognition
22 8,098,877 Vibration speaker and a portable electronic device comprising the vibration speaker
23 8,098,856 Wireless communications devices with three dimensional audio systems
24 8,098,843 Sound source direction detecting apparatus, sound source direction detecting method, and sound source direction detecting camera
25 8,098,827 Data processing system, data processing method, and program providing medium
26 8,098,775 Data processing apparatus, data processing method and program
27 8,098,754 Midamble allocations for MIMO transmissions
28 8,098,738 Predictive encoding and data decoding control to decode fewest possible pictures
29 8,098,732 System for and method of transcoding video sequences from a first format to a second format
30 8,098,703 Laser diode and method of manufacturing the same
31 8,098,636 Radio transmission apparatus and radio transmission method
32 8,098,560 Light spot position control apparatus and light spot position control method
33 8,098,552 Information processing device and method and program
34 8,098,388 Content transmission device, content transmission method, and computer program used therewith
35 8,098,357 Liquid crystal display panel
36 8,098,336 System and method for using partial interpolation to undertake 3D gamma adjustment of microdisplay having dynamic iris control
37 8,098,335 Nonlinear processing device and image display apparatus
38 8,098,329 Image determination apparatus, image determination method, and program, and image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
39 8,098,328 Image signal processing apparatus, image display and image display method
40 8,098,326 Electronic device and accessory device
41 8,098,324 Imaging device, GPS control method, and computer program
42 8,098,322 Image pickup device and image pickup apparatus
43 8,098,321 Image pickup element for performing focus detection based on phase-difference detecting and image pickup device having such image pickup element
44 8,098,319 Portable electronic device having high-resolution camera with tunable sensor auto focus
45 8,098,315 Solid state imaging apparatus, solid state imaging device driving method and camera
46 8,098,311 Solid-state imaging device, signal processing method of solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
47 8,098,309 Solid-state imaging apparatus and camera using the same
48 8,098,301 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
49 8,098,297 Pre- and post-shutter signal image capture and sort for digital camera
50 8,098,293 Image extraction device, image extraction method, image processing device, image processing method, and imaging device
51 8,098,291 Image pickup apparatus, control method, and control program, and data processing apparatus, method, and program for recording a moving image and a still image
52 8,098,268 Thermal head and printing device
53 8,098,259 Image display device
54 8,098,241 Display device, electronic device, and method of driving display device
55 8,098,053 Charger for lithium ion secondary battery, and method of charging the same
56 8,098,052 Battery charger
57 8,097,928 Solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus
58 8,097,914 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
59 8,097,488 Method for forming pattern, method for manufacturing semiconductor apparatus, and method for manufacturing display
60 8,097,486 Method for producing a solid-state imaging element
61 8,097,365 Electrode current collector and method for inspecting the same, electrode for battery and method for producing the same, and secondary battery and method for producing the same
62 8,097,189 Method for manufacturing optical disc master and method for manufacturing optical disc
63 8,096,863 Emotion-based game character manipulation
64 8,096,669 Surface light source device and image display apparatus
65 8,096,421 Micro-fluidic chip, micro-particle sorting device and flow controlling method
66 8,096,181 Inertial sensor