Sony patents granted on 17 July 2012

82 US patents granted on 17 July 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 RE43,520 Copy control, for a video signal with copyright signals superimposed as predetermined bits in the VBID data of the video signal
2 8,225,370 Digital broadcast signal processing apparatus and digital broadcast signal processing method
3 8,225,366 Wireless control channel and back-channel for receiver
4 8,225,365 Sending apparatus and receiving apparatus
5 8,225,362 Distributed diagnostics for internet video link
6 8,225,350 Remote commander injecting new user interface (UI) into legacy controlled device to permit legacy controlled device to work with new remote commander
7 8,225,343 Gesture cataloging and recognition
8 8,225,312 Method and apparatus for downloading software updates
9 8,225,235 Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method
10 8,225,229 Adjusting display brightness and/or refresh rates based on eye tracking
11 8,225,088 Information processing apparatus, disc, information processing method, and program
12 8,224,985 Peer-to-peer communication traversing symmetric network address translators
13 8,224,970 Web-screen sharing system, web-screen sharing terminals, and sharing program thereof
14 8,224,911 Information distribution system and method
15 8,224,819 Apparatus, method, and program for processing information
16 8,224,752 Digital rights management license renewal
17 8,224,639 Methods and apparatus for achieving thermal management using processing task scheduling
18 8,224,619 Gesture recognition apparatus, gesture recognition method and program
19 8,224,567 Map-based browser
20 8,224,395 Auditory spacing of sound sources based on geographic locations of the sound sources or user placement
21 8,224,251 Data communication apparatus and control method for prevention of audio noise signals due to transmitted data
22 8,224,243 Communication system, communication method, and data processing apparatus
23 8,224,159 Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method for reproducing and editing video clips
24 8,224,156 Recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus and file management method
25 8,224,155 Techniques for preventing skipping playback of content
26 8,224,154 Recording control device and method, program, and recording medium
27 8,224,148 Decoding apparatus and decoding method
28 8,224,126 Motion compensated temporal interpolation for frame rate conversion of video signals
29 8,224,124 Image processing device and image processing method, and program
30 8,224,089 Information processing device and information processing method, image processing device and image processing method, and computer program
31 8,224,025 Group tracking in motion capture
32 8,224,015 Speaker, voice coil unit, and method of manufacturing the voice coil unit
33 8,223,847 Editing device, editing method, splicing device, splicing method, encoding device, and encoding method
34 8,223,814 Semiconductor laser
35 8,223,786 Quality of service scheduling for home mesh network
36 8,223,675 Information processing apparatus and duplex transmission method
37 8,223,645 Communication control apparatus, communication control method, and communication control program
38 8,223,619 Optical recording medium, reproduction apparatus, and tracking servo method
39 8,223,618 Optical information recording medium capable of changing the light absorption amount
40 8,223,610 Apparatus and method for initializing information recording medium, apparatus and method for recording information, and information recording medium
41 8,223,608 Optical pickup adjusting apparatus and adjusting method
42 8,223,530 Variable-resistance memory device and its operation method
43 8,223,410 Imaging device and method of processing imaging result in imaging device
44 8,223,310 Liquid crystal device, method of manufacturing liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
45 8,223,295 Optical element, liquid crystal panel, and liquid crystal display
46 8,223,280 Phase difference element and display device
47 8,223,270 Transmitter, receiver, transmission method, reception method, transmission program, reception program, and video content data structure
48 8,223,268 Image processing apparatus, method and recording medium
49 8,223,267 Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
50 8,223,239 Clock signal generation circuit, display panel module, image sensor apparatus, and electronic apparatus
51 8,223,237 Solid-state imaging device in which a transfer signal line is held at a constant voltage to prevent crosstalk and electronic device with such solid-state imaging device
52 8,223,236 Apparatus and method for image recording
53 8,223,220 Image processing device, image processing method, and information storage medium
54 8,223,210 Apparatus and method for transmission, apparatus and method for production, program, and recording medium
55 8,223,195 Three-dimensional image pickup apparatus, three-dimensional display apparatus, three-dimensional image pickup and display apparatus and information recording method
56 8,223,155 Method for simulating large numbers of spherical bodies interacting
57 8,223,149 Cone-culled soft shadows
58 8,223,144 Method and apparatus for processing object collision
59 8,223,130 Touch-sensitive sheet member, input device and electronic apparatus
60 8,223,041 Information processing apparatus, and signal processing method
61 8,222,991 System, apparatus and method for supplying electric power, apparatus and method for receiving electric power, storage medium and program
62 8,222,935 Communication system, phase-locked loop, movable body and communication method
63 8,222,864 Battery system including two or more unit cells electrically connected in series
64 8,222,840 Fuel cell mount apparatus and electric power supply system
65 8,222,824 Light emitting diode driving apparatus
66 8,222,744 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the semiconductor device
67 8,222,713 Storage element and storage apparatus
68 8,222,709 Solid-state imaging device, method of driving solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
69 8,222,705 Solid-state image pickup device, method of manufacturing the same and electronic apparatus
70 8,222,659 Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
71 8,222,647 Method for making semiconductor apparatus and semiconductor apparatus obtained by the method, method for making thin film transistor substrate and thin film transistor substrate obtained by the method, and method for making display apparatus and display apparatus obtained by the method
72 8,222,643 Method of manufacturing thin film transistor, thin film transistor, and display unit
73 8,222,096 Method for forming organic semiconductor thin film and method of manufacturing thin-film semiconductor device
74 8,222,056 Manufacturing method of light-emitting diode
75 8,221,942 Pattern correction method, exposure mask, manufacturing method of exposure mask, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
76 8,221,921 Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
77 8,221,880 Adhesive composition
78 8,221,656 Secondary battery
79 8,221,229 Spherical ended controller with configurable modes
80 8,221,221 Metrics-based gaming operations
81 8,220,966 Image display apparatus
82 8,220,929 Three-dimensional image display apparatus