Sony patents granted on 17 May 2011

49 US patents granted on 17 May 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 RE42,366 Computer animation generator
2 D638,058 Combined portable printer with touch sensitive sketch screen
3 7,945,936 Multicasting system, client device, upper router controller, method of displaying content and computer program
4 7,945,922 Electronic device
5 7,945,866 Methods, systems and computer program products for displaying video content with aging
6 7,945,778 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system and recording medium
7 7,945,689 Method and apparatus for transferring files to clients using a peer-to-peer file transfer model and a client-server transfer model
8 7,945,574 Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, and reproducing program
9 7,945,439 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
10 7,945,384 Navigation apparatus and position detection method
11 7,945,289 Implementing hardware/software reset using PC card W.sub.– disable line
12 7,945,277 Use of media timestamp to indicate delays in push-to-talk over cellular group calls
13 7,945,251 Locating a service device for a portable communication device
14 7,945,246 System and method for establishing authenticated network communications in electronic equipment
15 7,945,102 Data encoding apparatus, data encoding method, data output apparatus, data output method, signal processing system, signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, data decoding apparatus, and data decoding method
16 7,944,976 Data edition system, data edition method, data processing device, and server device
17 7,944,952 Asynchronous data pipe for automatically managing asynchronous data transfers between an application and a bus structure
18 7,944,794 Optical disc apparatus, information recording method, and information reproduction method
19 7,944,657 Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
20 7,944,635 Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
21 7,944,618 Optical element and imaging apparatus
22 7,944,617 Lens array device and image display device
23 7,944,616 Head-mounted display
24 7,944,536 Reflective bilateral liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
25 7,944,511 Front-end module and television set
26 7,944,505 Image processing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
27 7,944,495 Solid-state image pickup element including a thinning method to discharge unnecessary image data
28 7,944,492 Solid-state image pickup device and camera system
29 7,944,491 Solid-state image-pickup device including unit pixels having a 3-transistor design and wherein a vertical selection pulse provides a reset potential
30 7,944,489 Solid-state image-capturing device, driving method thereof, camera electric charge transfer device, driving method and driving device for driving load, and electronic equipment
31 7,944,479 Image-capture apparatus, camera control unit, video camera system, and method of transmitting warning information
32 7,944,476 Image processing device, image processing system, computer control method, and information storage medium
33 7,944,474 Image pickup apparatus, image pickup method and program
34 7,944,471 Object detecting apparatus and method, program and recording medium used therewith, monitoring system and method, information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium and program used therewith
35 7,944,423 Image processing unit with black-and-white line segment pattern detection, image processing method, image display device using such image processing unit, and electronic apparatus using such image display device
36 7,944,268 Switch circuit, variable capacitor circuit and IC of the same
37 7,944,259 Clock signal generating circuit, display panel module, imaging device, and electronic equipment
38 7,944,243 Semiconductor integrated circuit
39 7,944,141 Organic electric field light-emitting display device
40 7,943,962 Solid-state image pickup device and method for producing the same
41 7,943,533 Method for surface modification
42 7,943,446 Method of producing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
43 7,943,407 Method for manufacturing semiconductor laser
44 7,943,254 Anode and battery
45 7,943,209 Liquid crystal molecule, liquid crystal display device, and liquid crystal spatial light modulation device
46 7,942,944 Fuel reformer and method for producing the same, electrode for use in electrochemical device, and electrochemical device
47 7,942,538 Information presenting device
48 7,942,489 Liquid emitting apparatus and method
49 7,942,063 Processing apparatus