Sony patents granted on 17 May 2016

63 US patents granted on 17 May 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 D756,370 Display panel or screen with graphical user interface
2 9,345,050 NFC collision avoidance with controllable NFC transmission delay timing
3 9,344,996 Radio communication device, base station, method for radio communication, program and radio communication system
4 9,344,913 Wireless network encoding management method and system
5 9,344,827 Method and apparatus for audio output, and electronic device
6 9,344,766 User assigned channel numbering for content from multiple input source types
7 9,344,760 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
8 9,344,752 Content reproduction system and content reproduction method
9 9,344,719 Image decoding apparatus and method for handling intra-image predictive decoding with various color spaces and color signal resolutions
10 9,344,710 Image signal processing device, transmitting device, image signal processing method, program and image signal processing system
11 9,344,699 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
12 9,344,693 Drive control apparatus and drive control method, and video output apparatus
13 9,344,662 Solid state imaging device and electronic apparatus
14 9,344,656 Solid-state image sensor and camera system
15 9,344,645 Camera system, camera device, camera controller and relay device
16 9,344,643 Image processing apparatus, method and program
17 9,344,637 Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image processing method, and program
18 9,344,625 Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and program
19 9,344,222 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
20 9,344,197 Wave dielectric transmission device, manufacturing method thereof, and in-millimeter wave dielectric transmission method
21 9,344,126 Receiving apparatus, receiving method, and program
22 9,344,087 Clock tree unit cell circuit, clock tree, and apparatus
23 9,343,913 Power charging device and mobile terminal apparatus
24 9,343,912 Power charging device and mobile terminal apparatus
25 9,343,905 Power control device, power management device and power management system
26 9,343,775 Nonaqueous electrolyte composition and nonaqueous electrolyte battery
27 9,343,657 Storage element, storage apparatus, and magnetic head
28 9,343,597 Image pickup apparatus and camera module
29 9,343,516 Display unit and electronic apparatus
30 9,343,500 Solid-state imaging device, driving method thereof, and electronic device
31 9,343,496 Solid-state imaging device, production method thereof and camera
32 9,343,410 Semiconductor device
33 9,343,392 Semiconductor device, manufacturing method for semiconductor device, and electronic device
34 9,342,927 Augmented reality system for position identification
35 9,342,925 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
36 9,342,921 Control apparatus, electronic device, control method, and program
37 9,342,896 Image processing apparatus, image apparatus, image processing method, and program for analyzing an input image of a camera
38 9,342,865 Sigma-delta ADC with integrated raw image scaling filter
39 9,342,817 Auto-creating groups for sharing photos
40 9,342,593 Image display device, image display control method and program
41 9,342,584 Server apparatus, information terminal, and program
42 9,342,576 Information processing device, information processing terminal, information processing method, and program
43 9,342,535 Logging events in media files
44 9,342,430 Method of determining the state of a tile based deferred rendering processor and apparatus thereof
45 9,342,302 Information processing systems and methods for determining an output format for requested data
46 9,342,242 Input device and input method, information processing device and information processing method, information processing system and program
47 9,342,234 System and method for mobile information device content display and selection with concurrent pop-up explanatory information
48 9,342,232 Information-processing apparatus providing multiple display modes
49 9,342,221 Generating user selectable media event using graphics page
50 9,342,170 Device and method for delaying adjustment of display content output on a display based on input gestures
51 9,342,169 Terminal device
52 9,342,167 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
53 9,342,153 Terminal device and method for controlling operations
54 9,342,142 Display control apparatus, display control method, and display control program
55 9,342,140 Character input apparatus, character input assist method, and character input assist program
56 9,342,112 Operation member provided in electronic device, and electronic device
57 9,341,847 Head mount display and display control method
58 9,341,836 Digital microscope apparatus, method of searching for in-focus position thereof, and program
59 9,341,791 Optical module, manufacturing method of optical module and optical communication device
60 9,341,495 Mobile terminal apparatus and orientation presentment method
61 9,340,356 Cable processing apparatus and recording medium changer
62 9,339,823 Microparticle sorting apparatus and delay time determination method
63 9,339,728 System and method for managing audio and video channels for video game players and spectators