Sony patents granted on 17 November 2015

45 US patents granted on 17 November 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 D743,365 Display
2 D743,363 Television receiver
3 9,191,965 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
4 9,191,927 Method, base station, terminal and communication system for selecting a component carrier
5 9,191,896 Communication apparatus and communication control method
6 9,191,884 System and method for detecting access points transmitting outside of the regulated frequency range
7 9,191,822 Device-initiated security policy
8 9,191,767 Directional sound apparatus, method graphical user interface and software
9 9,191,733 Headphone apparatus and sound reproduction method for the same
10 9,191,714 Display control device, display control method, and program
11 9,191,693 Information processing device, information processing system, and program
12 9,191,655 Image processing apparatus, image display apparatus and image display system
13 9,191,596 Solid-state imaging device, control method and electronic apparatus to obtain frame difference output values
14 9,191,593 Image signal processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image signal processing method and computer program
15 9,191,559 Camera module, manufacturing apparatus, and manufacturing method
16 9,191,483 Automatically generated messages based on determined phone state
17 9,191,223 Communication device, receiving device, communication method, and communication system
18 9,191,191 Device and methodology for virtual audio/video circuit switching in a packet-based network
19 9,191,136 Interface circuit
20 9,191,096 Communication system, communication control method, mobile terminal, and relay device
21 9,191,068 Method for transmitting a signal via a power line network, transmitter, receiver, power line communication modem and power line communication system
22 9,191,026 Image sensor and imaging method with single shot compressed sensing
23 9,190,666 Battery
24 9,190,662 Cathode active material, method of manufacturing it, cathode, and battery
25 9,190,460 Organic light emitting device and display unit including the same
26 9,190,275 Bonding substrates with electrical connection through insulating film
27 9,190,166 Memory element, semiconductor device, and writing method
28 9,189,994 Display device and electronic equipment
29 9,189,956 Remote controller and method of controlling light emission from light-emitting unit thereof
30 9,189,903 Extended user assistance
31 9,189,887 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
32 9,189,829 Head mounted display, and image displaying method in head mounted display
33 9,189,611 Adapting content and monitoring user behavior based on facial recognition
34 9,189,577 Simulation method, simulation program, processing unit, and simulator
35 9,189,325 Memory system and operation method thereof
36 9,189,211 Method and system for transcoding data
37 9,189,154 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
38 9,189,151 Pre-emptive CPU activation from touch input
39 9,189,148 Display control device, display control method, and program
40 9,189,146 Information processing system, information processing method, information processing program, and computer-readable recording medium on which information processing program is stored
41 9,189,136 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
42 9,188,991 Microfluidic device and a method of manufacturing a microfluidic device
43 9,188,791 Electronic binoculars
44 9,188,746 Optical fiber component, manufacturing method thereof, optical fiber and lens substrate assembly, and manufacturing method thereof
45 9,186,580 Information processing apparatus