Sony patents granted on 17 October 2006

47 US patents granted on 17 October 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 7,124,443 Information transaction system
2 7,124,436 Security unit for use in memory card
3 7,124,432 Transmit device and method thereof, record/play device and method thereof as well as recording system and media
4 7,124,431 Transmit device and method thereof, record/play device and method thereof as well as recording system and media
5 7,124,428 Information providing system, information terminal device, information server device and information providing method
6 7,124,419 Feed screw driver and information recorder/reproducer
7 7,124,417 Attaching and detaching mechanism
8 7,124,317 Information recording and playback system having a memory interface and method therefore
9 7,124,303 Elementary stream partial encryption
10 7,124,297 Information providing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium
11 7,124,292 Automatically configuring storage array including a plurality of media storage devices for storing and providing data within a network of devices
12 7,124,259 Methods and apparatus for indexed register access
13 7,124,227 Programmable interface link layer device
14 7,124,219 External connection device, host device, and data communication system
15 7,124,172 Method for providing anonymous browsing by transferring a request from a server to a relaying apparatus in response to the request generated at a client computer
16 7,124,076 Encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus
17 7,123,945 Task display switching method, portable apparatus and portable communications apparatus
18 7,123,816 Audio and/or video generation apparatus and method of generating audio and/or video signals
19 7,123,814 Audio/video production method
20 7,123,780 Resolution enhancement for images stored in a database
21 7,123,752 Personal identification apparatus and method
22 7,123,736 Double-resonator micro-speaker assemblies and methods for tuning the same
23 7,123,567 Recording technique with particular bit-distance control in the synchronization pattern
24 7,123,566 Recording apparatus and recording method
25 7,123,557 Disc-shaped recording medium disc driving device and method and apparatus for producing disc
26 7,123,551 Optical device with optical recording medium having transparent heat radiating layer
27 7,123,336 Twisted nematic liquid crystal material with certain values for dielectric constant anisotropy, twisted elasticity modulus and refractive index anisotropy
28 7,123,334 Liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal projector device
29 7,123,305 Image processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
30 7,123,300 Image processor and method of processing images
31 7,123,229 Liquid crystal display device and portable terminal device comprising it
32 7,123,195 Wide band antenna
33 7,123,175 Angle detection apparatus computing phase differences between first and second phase angles
34 7,123,131 In-car video system
35 7,123,067 Voltage-change control circuit and method
36 7,123,044 Testing method, semiconductor device, and display apparatus
37 7,122,985 Sensorless brushless motor
38 7,122,881 Wiring board and circuit module
39 7,122,861 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
40 7,122,826 Image display unit
41 7,122,825 Lighting system
42 7,122,438 Semiconductor memory and method of manufacturing the same
43 7,122,394 Process for producing a semiconductor light-emitting device
44 7,122,272 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell with a lithium metal phosphate cathode
45 7,122,169 Positive electrode material and nickel-zinc battery
46 7,121,746 Image printing order receiving system and image printing order receiving method
47 7,121,744 Optical link device