Sony patents granted on 18 August 2015

73 US patents granted on 18 August 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 D736,944 Biological sample testing apparatus
2 D736,815 Portion of display panel or screen with an icon
3 D736,660 Vibration sensor
4 9,113,564 Circuit board
5 9,113,446 Communication apparatus, communication method, and communication system
6 9,113,444 Communication control device, communication control method, program, and communication control system
7 9,113,255 Headphones with oscillator for vibrating the arm portion
8 9,113,253 Headphone device
9 9,113,241 Noise removing apparatus and noise removing method
10 9,113,230 Method, computer program, and reception apparatus for delivery of supplemental content
11 9,113,217 Media fingerprinting for social networking
12 9,113,199 Communication system, transmitter, receiver, communication method, program, and communication cable
13 9,113,178 Streaming distributing device and method, streaming receiving device and method, streaming system, program, and recording medium
14 9,113,137 Communication system, transmission device, reception device, communication method, program, and communication cable
15 9,113,134 Display control apparatus, display control method, and program
16 9,113,126 Projector activation method integrated within a camera
17 9,113,102 Method of acquiring physical information and physical information acquiring device
18 9,113,100 Solid-state imaging device, driving method, and electronic apparatus
19 9,113,099 Imaging device and protection device of solid-state imaging device
20 9,113,087 Solid-state image pickup element with shortened mode change period, method of driving the same, and camera system
21 9,113,066 Imaging device and method with transporting microlens array
22 9,113,055 Image capturing apparatus automatically capturing sub image data
23 9,112,977 Voicemail message based on text information
24 9,112,868 Client device, information processing system and associated methodology of accessing networked services
25 9,112,760 Transmitter and transmitting method for transmitting data via OFDM symbols in which the data is provided from a plurality of different data pipes
26 9,112,701 Wearable device, authentication method, and recording medium
27 9,112,678 Information processing apparatus and method
28 9,112,641 Transmission device and transmission method thereof, and reception device
29 9,112,590 Device for coupling out a common-mode signal in a power line communication network
30 9,112,540 Communication apparatus and communication system
31 9,112,526 Binarization of DQP using separate absolute value and sign (SAVS) in CABAC
32 9,112,355 Power supply device, operation method of power supply device, electronic apparatus, and operation method of electronic apparatus
33 9,112,333 Laser diode
34 9,112,280 Antenna apparatus and terminal device associated with antenna apparatus
35 9,112,238 Anode and battery
36 9,112,223 Anode active material, secondary battery, electric power tool, electrical vehicle, and electric power storage system
37 9,112,222 Lithium ion secondary battery active material, lithium ion secondary battery electrode, lithium ion secondary battery, electronic device, electronic power tool, electric vehicle, and power storage system
38 9,112,149 Memory element and method of manufacturing the same, and memory device
39 9,111,837 Image sensor
40 9,111,835 Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
41 9,111,834 Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
42 9,111,828 Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
43 9,111,825 Image sensor, light quantity measurement method, and microscope system
44 9,111,763 Semiconductor device, fabrication method for a semiconductor device and electronic apparatus
45 9,111,555 Optical recording medium
46 9,111,434 System and method for monitoring the presence of a person in a monitored area
47 9,111,391 Image generating device, image generating method, and non-transitory information storage medium
48 9,111,362 Method, system and apparatus for applying histogram equalization to an image
49 9,111,351 Minimizing drift using depth camera images
50 9,111,274 Payment processing
51 9,111,172 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
52 9,111,107 Computer ecosystem providing a process for determining trust in content sharing
53 9,110,827 Error detection and correction apparatus, mismatch detection apparatus, memory system and error detection and correction method
54 9,110,817 Method for creating a markov process that generates sequences
55 9,110,579 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and information processing program
56 9,110,521 Image display apparatus and method, image display system, and program
57 9,110,513 Information display apparatus with proximity detection performance and information display method using the same
58 9,110,367 Stereoscopic imaging apparatus
59 9,110,313 Display and electronic unit
60 9,110,307 Optical apparatus including a holding member having an opening or a cutout, and display including the optical apparatus
61 9,110,306 Tissue-slice image acquirement and display apparatus, tissue-slice image acquirement and display method, and tissue-slice image acquirement and display program
62 9,110,210 Solid-state imaging apparatus having a micro-lens arranged in correspondence with a plurality of on-chip lenses, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging apparatus, and electronic apparatus
63 9,110,204 Light emitting device, display unit, and illumination unit
64 9,110,150 Positioning device, positioning method, program, and recording medium
65 9,110,052 Biological information, acquisition method and instrument, and physiologically-active substance measurement method and instrument
66 9,109,971 Respiratory condition analysis apparatus, respiratory condition display apparatus, processing method therein, and program
67 9,109,899 Information processing apparatus, route navigator, information processing method, and computer program storage medium
68 9,108,651 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, program, recording medium
69 9,108,642 Mobile object, system, and storage medium
70 9,108,110 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program to allow conversation between a plurality of appliances and a user
71 9,108,108 Real-time, contextual display of ranked, user-generated game play advice
72 9,108,107 Hosting and broadcasting virtual events using streaming interactive video
73 9,108,105 Systems and methods for determining controller functionality based on position, orientation or motion