Sony patents granted on 18 December 2007

23 US patents granted on 18 December 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 D557,726 Projector
2 D557,721 Video camera
3 D557,720 Video camera
4 D557,719 Video camera
5 D557,683 Radio receiver
6 D557,657 Battery pack
7 7,310,810 Broadcasting apparatus and method, receiving apparatus and method, and medium
8 7,310,808 Method of and apparatus for supporting and enabling the selection and mixing of multiple streams of audio/video data from multiple sources within a receiving device allowing external control
9 7,310,732 Content distribution system authenticating a user based on an identification certificate identified in a secure container
10 7,310,731 Contents processing system
11 7,310,610 Methods of network auction and network auction support, systems of network auction server and auction support server, and recording medium
12 7,310,534 Location status indicator for mobile phones
13 7,310,496 Broadcast receiver
14 7,310,422 Partial encryption and PID mapping
15 7,310,262 Ferroelectric memory capable of continuously fast transferring data words in a pipeline
16 7,310,249 Switching power supply circuit
17 7,310,236 Electronic device
18 7,310,173 Hologram recording method, hologram recording reproduction method, hologram recording device, hologram recording/reproduction device and hologram reproduction device
19 7,310,098 Method and apparatus for rendering three-dimensional object groups
20 7,309,877 Semiconductor device, reflection type liquid crystal display device, and reflection type liquid crystal projector
21 7,309,545 Anode material and battery using the same
22 7,309,176 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
23 7,308,752 Method for making an optical pickup apparatus having a movable unit supported by springs attached to a fixed unit