Sony patents granted on 18 November 2014

60 US patents granted on 18 November 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 D717,876 Controller for electronic device
2 D717,854 Video camera
3 D717,758 Mobile phone
4 8,893,307 Information processing system and method for providing authorized content
5 8,893,214 Image processing apparatus, signal processing method, and program
6 8,893,210 Server load balancing for interactive television
7 8,893,183 Information providing apparatus and method, display controlling apparatus and method, information providing system, as well as transmission medium
8 8,893,045 Display controller, display control method and program
9 8,892,870 Digital rights management for live streaming based on trusted relationships
10 8,892,636 Transmission apparatus and method, reception apparatus and method, and transmission and reception system
11 8,892,453 Apparatus, system and method for electronic ticket management and electronic ticket distribution authentication
12 8,892,429 Encoding device and encoding method, decoding device and decoding method, and program
13 8,892,376 Data processing device, data processing method, and program
14 8,892,165 Device and a method for enhancing user experience in mobile communications
15 8,892,058 Communication system and method
16 8,891,937 Encoded stream generating apparatus and method, data transmission system and method, and editing system and method
17 8,891,909 Information processing apparatus capable of modifying images based on audio data, program and information processing method
18 8,891,887 Image processing device and image processing method
19 8,891,882 Image processing apparatus and method
20 8,891,869 System and method for effectively performing an integrated segmentation procedure
21 8,891,866 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
22 8,891,855 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program for generating an image including virtual information whose size has been adjusted
23 8,891,829 Image processing device, method of controlling image processing device, and program for causing computer to execute the same method
24 8,891,826 Image processing system, image processing method, and computer program
25 8,891,774 Acoustic signal processing apparatus, processing method therefor, and program
26 8,891,692 Data processing apparatus and method for interleaving and deinterleaving data
27 8,891,691 Data processing apparatus and method for use in an interleaver suitable for multiple operating modes
28 8,891,568 Laser diode device and method of manufacturing laser diode device
29 8,891,456 Wireless communication system, wireless communication device and wireless communication method, and computer program
30 8,891,370 Method and apparatus for transmitting a coded video signal
31 8,891,253 Inverter, system and method comprising a DC-DC push-pull converter with a transformer
32 8,891,084 Microfluidic device
33 8,891,023 Display device and radio transmission control method
34 8,891,019 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
35 8,890,990 Solid-state image pickup device and camera system
36 8,890,982 Solid-state imaging device and driving method as well as electronic apparatus
37 8,890,981 Method and apparatus for eliminating crosstalk amount included in an output signal
38 8,890,975 Image processing apparatus, signal processing method and computer-readable medium for image flicker correction
39 8,890,966 Automatic image-capturing apparatus, automatic image-capturing control method, image display system, image display method, display control apparatus, and display control method
40 8,890,965 System and method for efficiently transferring data from an electronic camera device
41 8,890,935 Capturing device, image processing method, and program
42 8,890,911 Flexible display device and method of controlling flexible display device
43 8,890,897 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and computer program
44 8,890,895 User interface device, user interface method and information storage medium
45 8,890,858 Display apparatus and driving controlling method with temporary lowering of power supply potential during mobility correction
46 8,890,792 Display control apparatus and method, and program
47 8,890,782 Display apparatus and drive method therefor, and electronic equipment
48 8,890,780 Semiconductor device, display panel and electronic apparatus
49 8,890,766 Low profile multi-band antennas and related wireless communications devices
50 8,890,568 Semiconductor integrated circuit
51 8,890,055 Solid-state imaging device, method of producing the same, and camera
52 8,889,467 Method of optimizing the band edge positions of the conduction band and the valence band of a semiconductor material for use in photoactive devices
53 8,889,408 Factor taking part in transcription control
54 8,889,291 Electrode and battery
55 8,889,268 Organic electroluminescence element and display device using the same
56 8,888,593 Directional input for a video game
57 8,888,592 Voice overlay
58 8,888,300 Illumination unit having at least two solid state light sources in the same wavelength band
59 8,888,291 Polarization optical apparatus having slidable polarization element
60 8,888,278 Apparatus for eyesight enhancement, method for calibrating an apparatus and computer program