Sony patents granted on 18 October 2011

62 US patents granted on 18 October 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D646,911 Audio video stand
2 8,042,192 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium, and program
3 8,042,188 Information processing apparatus, information recording medium manufacturing apparatus, information recording medium, method and computer program
4 8,042,136 Information processing apparatus and information processing method, and computer program
5 8,042,133 Techniques for displaying data based on characteristics of a display device
6 8,042,129 Disk recording and/or reproducing device
7 8,041,864 Storage apparatus including a USB connector
8 8,041,843 Recording/reproducing apparatus
9 8,041,835 Network address translation type for flexible neighbor selection in overlay networks
10 8,041,801 Information recommendation system based on biometric information
11 8,041,718 Processing apparatus and associated methodology for keyword extraction and matching
12 8,041,609 System and method for providing publicly vended content via a wireless network
13 8,041,374 Application execution method, file data download method, file data upload method, communication method, network identifier setting method and wireless communication terminal
14 8,041,373 Automatic spread of applications
15 8,041,202 Driving device and image pickup apparatus
16 8,041,194 Decode control apparatus, decode control method, computer program, and recording medium
17 8,041,190 System and method for the creation, synchronization and delivery of alternate content
18 8,041,189 Information processing device and method, program, and recording medium
19 8,041,188 Contents recording system and contents recording method
20 8,041,187 Information processing method, apparatus, program recording and medium specifying particular picture characteristics
21 8,041,185 Information processing device and method, and recording medium
22 8,041,184 Transport stream processing device, and associated methodology of generating and aligning source data packets in a physical data structure
23 8,041,154 Information processing apparatus, method and program
24 8,041,078 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and information processing method, program, and recording medium
25 8,041,072 Audio output apparatus and method
26 8,041,058 Audio processing with time advanced inserted payload signal
27 8,041,047 Plug, sound inputting and outputting apparatus, and noise cancel system
28 8,040,972 Wireless communication apparatus and method, and signal attenuation prediction apparatus and method
29 8,040,934 Vertical cavity surface emitting laser and method of manufacturing thereof
30 8,040,921 Method and apparatus for controlling the transfer of private information in a communication system
31 8,040,764 Optical disc apparatus and correction servo control signal generation method
32 8,040,762 Disk changer device and disk holding method
33 8,040,616 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
34 8,040,614 Zoom lens and image pickup device
35 8,040,583 Liquid device, liquid device manufacturing apparatus and method, and image display device
36 8,040,441 Projector and adjustment method of the same
37 8,040,432 Information processing equipment, method, provision system and computer program product that synthesizes content by adopting a mean value
38 8,040,431 Terminal cover for camera apparatus
39 8,040,425 Imaging apparatus and imaging method using ND filters for color-temperature correction
40 8,040,423 Image pickup apparatus, method of controlling image pickup and computer-readable storage medium
41 8,040,422 Viewfinder and image pickup apparatus
42 8,040,411 Image pickup device and image pickup method
43 8,040,408 Image signal processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and image signal processing method
44 8,040,404 Image pickup apparatus, image signal processing circuit and image signal processing method as well as computer program
45 8,040,402 Imaging apparatus
46 8,040,399 System and method for effectively optimizing zoom settings in a digital camera
47 8,040,393 Image-pickup signal processor and method of detecting flicker
48 8,040,392 Flicker correcting method, flicker correcting circuit, and imaging device using them
49 8,040,354 Image processing device, method and program
50 8,040,317 Backlight device having LEDs controlled as a function of target values and influential extent data
51 8,040,227 Method for detecting moving objects in a blind spot region of a vehicle and blind spot detection device
52 8,040,219 System and method for in-building location determination
53 8,040,163 Bootstrap circuit
54 8,039,914 Solid-state imaging device, method of making the same, and imaging apparatus
55 8,039,901 Epitaxial source/drain transistor
56 8,039,750 Cable connector having length adjustability
57 8,039,522 Latent curing agent
58 8,039,142 Battery case
59 8,038,902 Composition comprising at least one type of liquid crystal
60 8,038,798 Method of and apparatus for cleaning substrate
61 8,038,357 Diaphragm unit, lens barrel, and imaging apparatus
62 8,037,760 Inertial sensor and electrical or electronic device