Sony patents granted on 18 September 2007

25 US patents granted on 18 September 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,272,859 Information providing device and method
2 7,272,787 Web-compatible electronic device, web page processing method, and program
3 7,272,718 Device, method and storage medium for superimposing first and second watermarking information on an audio signal based on psychological auditory sense analysis
4 7,272,715 Communications method, data processing apparatus, and program
5 7,272,656 Address management system, interface ID setting processor, communication terminal, address management method, and computer program
6 7,272,634 System and method for integrating multiple messaging systems
7 7,272,562 System and method for utilizing speech recognition to efficiently perform data indexing procedures
8 7,272,560 Methodology for performing a refinement procedure to implement a speech recognition dictionary
9 7,272,098 Data recording apparatus and associated methodology of affecting a digital sum variance
10 7,272,084 Optical disc apparatus and tracking control method
11 7,271,842 Video signal processing circuit and method for converting number of scan lines and image display device using the same
12 7,271,835 Solid-state image pickup device and device driving control method for solid-state image pickup
13 7,271,825 Kinesiological model-based gestural augmentation of voice communication
14 7,271,801 Liquid crystal display device, method for controlling the same, and portable terminal
15 7,271,770 Reverse F-shaped antenna
16 7,271,597 Electronic device, transmission system, and method for determining connection condition
17 7,271,537 Display device and a method of manufacturing the display device
18 7,271,488 Semiconductor integrated circuit
19 7,271,487 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
20 7,271,046 Method of making a semiconductor device in which a bipolar transistor and a metal silicide layer are formed on a substrate
21 7,271,010 Nonvolatile magnetic memory device and manufacturing method thereof
22 7,270,913 Nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary battery and method of manufacturing the same
23 7,270,464 Backlight device and liquid crystal display
24 D551,208 Combined speaker box and amplifier
25 D551,207 Combined speaker box and amplifier