Sony patents granted on 19 April 2016

52 US patents granted on 19 April 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 D754,231 Camera
2 9,320,045 Communication control device, communication control method, and communication control program
3 9,320,021 Terminal apparatus, feedback control method, base station, pairing control method, program, and wireless communication system
4 9,319,999 Communication control device, communication control method, communication system, and terminal device which takes into account at least one proximate multi-mode terminal serviced by a plurality of communication services
5 9,319,998 Information processing apparatus and communication apparatus
6 9,319,830 Audio playback apparatus, control and usage method for audio playback apparatus, and mobile phone terminal with storage device
7 9,319,744 Communications system and method, information processing apparatus and method, information management apparatus and method, recording medium and program
8 9,319,718 Content server, content providing system, content providing method and computer program
9 9,319,656 Apparatus and method for processing 3D video data
10 9,319,646 Solid state imaging device having a shared pixel structure and electronic apparatus
11 9,319,625 Content transfer system and communication terminal
12 9,319,610 Image pickup device, control method, and image pickup apparatus
13 9,319,606 Solid-state image sensing device and camera system with divided pixels
14 9,319,591 Display control device, display control method, program, and imaging apparatus
15 9,319,589 Device and method for capturing images and selecting a desired image by tilting the device
16 9,319,569 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
17 9,319,506 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing program, and mobile terminal device
18 9,319,497 Portable terminal
19 9,319,487 Server device, client device, information processing system, information processing method, and program
20 9,319,455 Method and system for seamless navigation of content across different devices
21 9,319,112 Method of controlling a signal transmission in a cellular MIMO system, base station, and cellular MIMO system
22 9,318,917 Electric storage apparatus and power control system
23 9,318,611 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
24 9,318,534 Solid-state image pickup device and manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus
25 9,318,523 Solid-state imaging device
26 9,318,152 Super share
27 9,318,124 Sound signal processing device, method, and program
28 9,318,121 Method and system for processing audio data of video content
29 9,318,058 Display unit, displaying method, and recording medium
30 9,317,957 Enhancement of stereoscopic effect of an image through use of modified depth information
31 9,317,933 Image processing device and method
32 9,317,899 Information processing apparatus and information processing method, and computer program
33 9,317,897 Solid-state imaging device, driving method for the same, and electronic apparatus
34 9,317,880 Information communication terminal, information distribution apparatus, information distribution system, content management method, broadcast reception method, information distribution method, programs and storage medium
35 9,317,852 Method and system for recommending content items
36 9,317,847 E-card transaction authorization based on geographic location
37 9,317,739 Information processing device and information processing method
38 9,317,737 Input apparatus, output apparatus, and storage medium for setting input and/or output mode based on user attribute
39 9,317,702 System and method for providing secure inter-process communications
40 9,317,424 Storage device and information processing system
41 9,317,246 Information processing system, electronic device, image file playing method, and generation method
42 9,317,173 Method and system for providing content based on location data
43 9,316,898 Projection apparatus
44 9,316,893 Projection display apparatus
45 9,316,862 Backlight device, liquid crystal display device, and electronic apparatus
46 9,316,845 Illumination unit and display unit
47 9,316,831 Head mounted display and display control method
48 9,316,822 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
49 9,316,771 Etching process, method of manufacturing electronic device, and method of manufacturing polarizing plate
50 9,316,360 Light source unit, light source device, and display apparatus
51 9,314,872 Recording apparatus, recording method, and pattern forming medium
52 9,314,691 System and method for compressing video frames or portions thereof based on feedback information from a client device