Sony patents granted on 19 August 2008

32 US patents granted on 19 August 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D575,255 Mobile phone
2 D575,254 Disc player
3 7,415,717 Information receiver and information receiving method
4 7,415,707 Installation software using a setting file to automatically determine if a module is installable and the location of the installation
5 7,415,626 Methods, devices and circuits for activating a communication device connected to an external bus
6 7,415,592 Ring-buffer based buffering apparatus and method of using memory apparatus
7 7,415,526 Data-providing system, transmission server, data terminal apparatus and data-providing method
8 7,415,407 Information transmitting system, information encoder and information decoder
9 7,415,315 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus and recording apparatus
10 7,415,314 Recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, and recording and/or reproducing apparatus
11 7,415,290 Mobile terminal with loudspeaker sound redirection
12 7,415,248 Multiband radio antenna with a flat parasitic element
13 7,415,212 Data communication system, data transmitter and data receiver
14 7,415,199 Image capture apparatus, methods and computer program products using auto-focus-generated distance estimates to control flash and image stabilization
15 7,415,191 Reproduction device and reproduction method
16 7,415,189 Auto title frames generation method and apparatus
17 7,415,139 Living-tissue pattern detecting method, living-tissue pattern detecting device, biometric authentication method, and biometric authentication device
18 7,415,071 Method for decoding an MPEG picture stream
19 7,415,070 Apparatus for decoding an MPEG picture stream
20 7,414,962 OFDM diversity transmission
21 7,414,959 Communication device for receiving and transmitting OFDM signals in a wireless communication system
22 7,414,952 Laser driving apparatus and associated methodology of controlling a drive current
23 7,414,947 Optical pickup device, recording and reproducing apparatus and gap detection method
24 7,414,938 Recording medium, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, recording method and reproduction method
25 7,414,932 Method of, and apparatus for, recording address information to disc medium
26 7,414,674 Method and apparatus for automatically switching between analog and digital input signals
27 7,414,663 Imaging element, imaging device, camera module and camera system
28 7,414,605 Image display panel and image display device
29 7,413,831 Reflective exposure mask, and method for producing and using the same
30 7,413,686 Conductive particle and adhesive agent
31 7,413,331 LCD with multi-color optical unit and cross dichroic device
32 7,413,330 Backlight, backlight drive device and display device