Sony patents granted on 19 August 2014

69 US patents granted on 19 August 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 8,813,241 Content distribution system, content distribution method, and client terminal
2 8,813,164 Data tunneling via closed captioning
3 8,813,153 Method and system for receiving and processing digital content
4 8,813,130 Information processing device and information providing method
5 8,813,129 Expanded playlist for TV video player
6 8,812,955 Information processing method and apparatus and information processing program
7 8,812,938 Coding apparatus, coding method, decoding apparatus, decoding method, program and transmission system
8 8,812,927 Decoding device, decoding method, and program for generating a substitute signal when an error has occurred during decoding
9 8,812,852 Method and system for marking digital content
10 8,812,735 Content reproduction system, content reproduction apparatus, program, content reproduction method, and providing content server
11 8,812,732 Information processing device, content using system, information processing method, and computer program
12 8,812,618 Intelligent routing
13 8,812,503 Information processing device, method and program
14 8,812,502 Content reproducing apparatus, content reproduction method, and program
15 8,812,463 Apparatus and method for presenting contents in relation to a search axis
16 8,812,354 Method and system for dynamic scheduling of content delivery
17 8,811,933 Power line communication methods and devices
18 8,811,796 Data processing method, data processing apparatus, information recording medium, and computer program cross references to related applications
19 8,811,793 Camera event logger
20 8,811,790 Method for manufacturing an optical waveguide, optical waveguide, and sensor arrangement
21 8,811,759 System and method for effectively performing an intra prediction procedure
22 8,811,725 Learning device, learning method, identification device, identification method, and program
23 8,811,680 Compact biometric authentication device and associated methodology of imaging and detecting living-tissue patterns
24 8,811,667 Terminal device, object control method, and program
25 8,811,613 Communication system and communication method
26 8,811,480 Encoding apparatus, encoding method, decoding apparatus, and decoding method
27 8,811,466 Selection of training sequences for multiple-in multiple-out transmissions
28 8,811,328 Communication system, communication device, program and communication control method
29 8,811,140 Recordable optical disc, recording device, and recording method
30 8,811,018 Electronic apparatus
31 8,811,017 Display apparatus
32 8,810,982 Semiconductor integrated circuit and protection circuit
33 8,810,931 Imaging lens and imaging apparatus
34 8,810,910 Antireflection optical device and method of manufacturing master
35 8,810,878 Optical device and virtual image display
36 8,810,753 Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
37 8,810,740 Illumination optical system and image display apparatus
38 8,810,733 Television start speed enhancement
39 8,810,710 Imaging using normalized luminance value to display focus state
40 8,810,708 Image processing apparatus, dynamic picture reproduction apparatus, and processing method and program for the same
41 8,810,704 Solid state image capture device and camera system
42 8,810,703 Solid-state image pickup device, driving method of solid-state image pickup device, and electronic device
43 8,810,689 Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image processing method, and program for processing image data at a plurality of frame rates
44 8,810,688 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
45 8,810,673 Composition determination device, composition determination method, and program
46 8,810,668 Camera system, video selection apparatus and video selection method
47 8,810,629 Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, image processing method, and program
48 8,810,628 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
49 8,810,586 Display controller and method for switching display between two GPU driven data paths depending on external display capability
50 8,810,582 Hair caching optimization techniques for use in a hair/fur pipeline
51 8,810,563 Transmitting apparatus, stereoscopic image data transmitting method, receiving apparatus, and stereoscopic image data receiving method
52 8,810,558 Display device and electronic apparatus
53 8,810,554 Display device and electronic product
54 8,810,517 Input apparatus, information processing apparatus, operation input method, and sensor sheet
55 8,810,489 Display and method for manufacturing display
56 8,810,486 Active-matrix display device, and active-matrix organic electroluminescent display device
57 8,810,481 Optical device, image display apparatus and head-mounted display unit
58 8,810,366 Service providing device, service providing method, biometric information authentication server, biometric information authentication method, program, and service providing system
59 8,809,983 Semiconductor device, manufacturing method therefor, and electronic apparatus
60 8,809,978 Magnetic memory element and memory apparatus having multiple magnetization directions
61 8,809,922 Solid-state image sensing device and electronic apparatus
62 8,809,921 Solid-state imaging apparatus, method of manufacturing same, and electronic apparatus
63 8,809,882 Light emitting element, illumination device, and display apparatus
64 8,809,826 Memory element and memory device
65 8,809,732 Process and apparatus for ablation
66 8,808,928 Fuel cell, method for operating the same, and electronic device
67 8,808,920 Positive electrode active material, positive electrode, nonaqueous electrolyte cell, and method of preparing positive electrode active material
68 8,808,477 Display unit and its manufacturing method
69 8,808,087 Game device, game control method, and game control program