Sony patents granted on 19 February 2008

49 US patents granted on 19 February 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D562,374 Camera
2 D562,372 Video camera
3 D562,347 Dial for digital audio player
4 D562,323 Controller for arithmetic and control unit
5 D562,308 Speaker
6 7,334,266 Reproduction control method, program and recording medium
7 7,334,260 Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium on which a program for executing the information processing is recorded
8 7,334,231 Information processing method, inter-task communication method, and computer-executable program for the same
9 7,334,192 System and method for enabling manipulation of graphic images to form a graphic image
10 7,334,116 Bit manipulation on data in a bitstream that is stored in a memory having an address boundary length
11 7,334,051 Data distribution system, terminal apparatus, distribution center apparatus, high-efficiency encoding method, high-efficiency encoding apparatus, encoded data decoding method, encoded data decoding apparatus, data transmission method, data transmission apparatus, sub information attaching method, sub information attaching apparatus, and recording medium
12 7,334,026 Collaborative remote operation of computer programs
13 7,334,025 Communication system using communication network and communication method
14 7,334,022 Content distribution system, content distribution control server, content transmission processing control method, content transmission processing control program, content transmission processing control program storage medium, content transmission device, content transmission method, content transmission control program and content transmission control program storage medium
15 7,333,958 Electronic settlement system, settlement management device, store device, client device, data storage device, computer program, and storage medium
16 7,333,935 Methods and apparatus for recognizing compact discs and issuing corresponding credits
17 7,333,786 Relaying apparatus and communication system
18 7,333,772 Electronic apparatus and a communication control method
19 7,333,715 Data reproduction transmission apparatus and data reproduction transmission method
20 7,333,711 Data distribution apparatus and method, and data distribution system
21 7,333,659 Picture encoder and picture encoding method
22 7,333,652 System and method for efficiently performing a depth map recovery procedure
23 7,333,583 Information processing apparatus and data communication method
24 7,333,545 Digital video decoding, buffering and frame-rate converting method and apparatus
25 7,333,533 Communication device
26 7,333,412 Optical recording/reproducing apparatus, focusing method therefor, and optical disk recording medium
27 7,333,411 Optical recording method and optical recording device
28 7,333,408 Demodulator, disk drive device, and phase adjustment method
29 7,333,328 Hard disk system having a hard disk unit and a conversion unit for connection to a host device
30 7,333,315 Secondary battery devices
31 7,333,314 Power controller, power control method, information processor, and power control program
32 7,333,284 Data access control apparatus, data access control method, controller, and computer program
33 7,333,165 Liquid-crystal display apparatus and electronic device
34 7,333,137 Image processing method for computing limit values of interpolated pixel data
35 7,333,115 Image processing apparatus and method thereof
36 7,333,113 Mobile motion capture cameras
37 7,333,108 Entertainment apparatus, object display device, object display method, recording medium and character display method
38 7,333,098 Active matrix display apparatus and method for improved uniformity
39 7,333,093 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
40 7,333,090 Method and apparatus for analysing gestures produced in free space, e.g. for commanding apparatus by gesture recognition
41 7,333,054 Information processing device, power supply control method, and computer program
42 7,333,034 Data processing device, encoding device, encoding method, decoding device decoding method, and program
43 7,333,033 Modulation table, modulating device and method, program, and recording medium
44 7,332,992 Transformer
45 7,332,785 Dye-sensitized solar cell
46 7,332,782 Dye-sensitized solar cell
47 7,332,744 Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
48 7,332,215 Resin-molded component and method for manufacturing thereof as well as diaphragm for loudspeaker
49 7,331,529 Input device