Sony patents granted on 19 February 2013

71 US patents granted on 19 February 2013 and assigned to Sony

1 D676,478 Video camera
2 D676,439 Computer
3 D676,426 Earphone
4 D676,377 Supporting base
5 D676,268 Case for recording media
6 8,381,247 Schedule-table presenting apparatus and schedule-table presenting method
7 8,381,238 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
8 8,381,198 Systems, methods and computer program products for safety checking executable application programs in a module
9 8,381,160 Manufacturing method, manufacturing program and manufacturing system for semiconductor device
10 8,381,118 Methods and devices that resize touch selection zones while selected on a touch sensitive display
11 8,381,054 Reception apparatus, reception method, and program
12 8,380,982 Communication device and communication method
13 8,380,818 Information processing system, information processing device, information processing method, and program
14 8,380,817 Information processing system, information processing method, and computer program used therewith
15 8,380,813 Network terminal apparatus and method of requesting distribution
16 8,380,727 Information processing device and method, program, and recording medium
17 8,380,683 Data conversion device, data conversion method, and program
18 8,380,052 Method, apparatus and program for recording and playing back content data, method, apparatus and program for playing back content data, and method, apparatus and program for recording content data
19 8,379,994 Digital image analysis utilizing multiple human labels
20 8,379,986 Device, method, and computer-readable storage medium for recognizing an object in an image
21 8,379,985 Dominant gradient method for finding focused objects
22 8,379,979 System and method for effectively performing a scene rectification procedure
23 8,379,900 Connecting device, antenna device, and receiving device
24 8,379,877 Sound collector and sound recorder
25 8,379,853 Descrambler
26 8,379,843 Data converter, data conversion method, and computer program
27 8,379,763 Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, signal processing device, signal processing method, and computer program
28 8,379,726 Coding apparatus, coding method, decoding apparatus, and decoding method
29 8,379,725 Motion-vector searching method and motion-vector searching apparatus
30 8,379,718 Parallel digital picture encoding
31 8,379,717 Lifting-based implementations of orthonormal spatio-temporal transformations
32 8,379,654 Method of and apparatus for providing isochronous services over switched ethernet including a home network wall plate having a combined IEEE 1394 and ethernet modified hub
33 8,379,617 Communication system, communication device, wired communication device, and communication method
34 8,379,523 Method and apparatus for transmitting a coded video signal
35 8,379,503 Optical information recording reproduction apparatus and optical information recording reproduction method
36 8,379,499 Disc recording medium, disk drive apparatus, reproduction method, and disk manufacturing method
37 8,379,430 Memory device and method of reading memory device
38 8,379,281 Hologram judging apparatus
39 8,379,173 Liquid crystal display having particular front face plate
40 8,379,155 Operation terminal communicating with an information processing apparatus using electric power of the information processing apparatus
41 8,379,153 Video signal processing device and a display apparatus
42 8,379,138 Imaging apparatus, imaging apparatus control method, and computer program
43 8,379,131 Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof using amplification ratio based on current accumulated exposure time
44 8,379,129 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium including display of an image card
45 8,379,125 Solid-state imaging device, method for driving solid-state imaging device and camera system
46 8,379,122 Solid-state image-pickup device, camera system, and method for driving same
47 8,379,118 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
48 8,379,111 Image processing device, image processing method recording medium, and program
49 8,379,078 Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and program
50 8,379,005 Liquid crystal display device utilizing a photosensor
51 8,379,003 Display device and wiring routing method
52 8,378,985 Touch interface for three-dimensional display control
53 8,378,966 Apparatus, system, method, and program for processing information
54 8,378,963 Photosensors for displays and related devices
55 8,378,930 Pixel circuit and display device having symmetric pixel circuits and shared voltage lines
56 8,378,899 Wireless communication terminal with a multi-band antenna that extends between side surfaces thereof
57 8,378,894 Antenna device
58 8,378,876 Operation terminal, processing method performed by the operation terminal, information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method performed by the information processing system
59 8,378,524 Non-contact power transmission device
60 8,378,389 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
61 8,378,351 Thin film transistor, display device, and electronic unit
62 8,378,210 Waterproof case for electronic device
63 8,377,997 Fullerene based proton conductive materials
64 8,377,848 Donor substrate and method of manufacturing display
65 8,377,598 Battery having an electrolytic solution containing difluoroethylene carbonate
66 8,377,597 Electrolytic solution and secondary battery
67 8,377,589 Cathode active material, cathode therewith and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
68 8,377,340 Electromagnetic wave suppression sheet, device, and electronic apparatus
69 8,376,858 System and method for communicating game information between a portable gaming device and a game controller
70 8,376,640 Printing media feeding apparatus, printing apparatus provided with the feeding apparatus, printing media feeding speed control method and computer program
71 8,376,129 Component mounting apparatus, mounting-component producing method, and conveyor apparatus