Sony patents granted on 19 July 2011

68 US patents granted on 19 July 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D641,730 Speaker box
2 7,984,505 Rearrangement of media content while preserving digital rights management protection
3 7,984,499 Processing device and associated methodology for authorized device certificate updating
4 7,984,487 Information processing system, and information processing apparatus and method
5 7,984,455 Enhanced native contact book application
6 7,984,305 Encryption processing apparatus and encryption processing method for setting a mixed encryption processing sequence
7 7,984,167 Apparatus, system and method for secure information dissemination
8 7,984,121 Method and apparatus for use in remote diagnostics
9 7,984,116 Centralized selection of peers as media data sources in a dispersed peer network
10 7,984,092 FIR filter process and FIR filter arrangement
11 7,984,076 Document processing apparatus, document processing method, document processing program and recording medium
12 7,983,895 System and method for generating grammatically correct text strings
13 7,983,894 Data processing
14 7,983,872 Body movement detector, body movement detection method and body movement detection program
15 7,983,723 Closed mode user interface for wireless communication devices
16 7,983,721 Transparent conductive antenna for a portable communication device
17 7,983,677 Location-based wireless messaging for wireless devices
18 7,983,620 Information processing apparatus and communication apparatus
19 7,983,618 Electronic appliance, communication condition setting device, communication condition setting method and computer program
20 7,983,614 Handover for audio and video playback devices
21 7,983,545 Image blur correction unit, lens barrel device, and camera apparatus
22 7,983,544 Shake correction unit and imaging apparatus
23 7,983,530 Recording and playback apparatus and recording and playback method, recording apparatus and recording method, playback apparatus and playback method, and program
24 7,983,525 Recording apparatus and method and program
25 7,983,524 Interactive communication apparatus and status signaling method
26 7,983,500 Encoding method, encoding apparatus, decoding method, and decoding apparatus
27 7,983,453 Verification apparatus, verification method and program
28 7,983,438 Headphone device
29 7,983,416 Information processing device, information processing method, and computer program
30 7,983,413 VoIP accessory
31 7,983,345 Content receiving apparatus, video/audio output timing control method, and content provision system
32 7,983,328 Data transmission device
33 7,983,321 Communication apparatus and communication method
34 7,983,296 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
35 7,983,160 Method and apparatus for transmitting a coded video signal
36 7,983,140 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and communication system for formatting data
37 7,982,973 Zoom lens, lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
38 7,982,964 Liquid lens device and manufacturing method therefor
39 7,982,925 Solid-state image-pickup device and method of processing signal of solid-state image-pickup device
40 7,982,893 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
41 7,982,846 Low loss transflective device display
42 7,982,842 Interconnect structure for display device and projection display apparatus
43 7,982,840 Liquid crystal display device
44 7,982,794 Digital cameras with triangulation autofocus systems and related methods
45 7,982,785 Streaking correction signal generating circuit, streaking correction signal generating method, program, streaking correcting circuit, and imaging device
46 7,982,781 Image processing device, image processing method, and imaging apparatus
47 7,982,778 Imaging apparatus usable as either a master apparatus or a slave apparatus and a method usable therewith
48 7,982,774 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
49 7,982,753 Information display apparatus
50 7,982,728 Display device
51 7,982,721 Video signal output device and operation input processing method
52 7,982,706 Backlight device, method of driving backlight and liquid crystal display apparatus
53 7,982,627 Meter device, information processing device, and meter driving method
54 7,982,538 Differential output circuit and communication device
55 7,982,174 Imaging device camera system and driving method of the same
56 7,982,131 Automatically folding cable
57 7,981,769 Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing the same
58 7,981,722 Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
59 7,981,718 Method of manufacturing solid-state image pickup element, and solid-state image pickup element
60 7,980,955 Method and apparatus for continuous execution of a game program via multiple removable storage mediums
61 7,980,772 Shutter device and image pickup apparatus
62 7,980,712 Light-transmissive film, method for manufacturing the same, and display apparatus
63 7,980,704 Audiovisual system including wall-integrated audiovisual capabilities
64 7,980,469 Information communication system, information communication device, information communication method and computer program
65 7,980,458 Electronic wallet device and communication method
66 7,980,355 Acoustic diaphragm, and method of fabricating acoustic diaphragm
67 7,980,084 Temperature control apparatus, method and program for peltier element
68 7,979,942 Substrate treatment apparatus and substrate treatment method