Sony patents granted on 19 July 2016

47 US patents granted on 19 July 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 RE46,076 Input apparatus, control apparatus, control system, control method, and handheld apparatus
2 D761,736 Non-contact type data carrier
3 9,398,694 Method of manufacturing a package for embedding one or more electronic components
4 9,398,537 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
5 9,398,417 Communication system, communication method, program and information storage medium
6 9,398,387 Sound processing device, sound processing method, and program
7 9,398,330 Information processing device, information recording medium, information processing method, and program
8 9,398,296 Digital closed caption transport in standalone stream
9 9,398,281 Image pickup apparatus, color correction method, and color correction program
10 9,398,247 Audio volume control device, control method and program
11 9,398,239 Solid-state imaging device having an enlarged dynamic range, and electronic system
12 9,398,238 Semiconductor device, physical information acquiring apparatus, and signal reading-out method
13 9,398,237 Image sensor with floating diffusion interconnect capacitor
14 9,398,233 Processing apparatus, system, method and program for processing information to be shared
15 9,398,219 Image processing device, image processing method, and program
16 9,398,216 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
17 9,398,095 Method in an electronic mobile device and such a device
18 9,397,322 Battery
19 9,397,288 Storage element, storage device, method of manufacturing storage element, and magnetic head
20 9,397,147 Self-light emitting display unit and electronic device
21 9,397,136 Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus
22 9,397,133 Solid-state image sensor and electronic device
23 9,396,857 Magnetic circuit and key input device
24 9,396,759 Generating content data for a video file
25 9,396,703 Semiconductor device, display panel and electronic apparatus
26 9,396,702 Latency tester
27 9,396,627 Information processing device and method
28 9,396,573 Image generating device, image generating method, and information storage medium
29 9,396,558 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
30 9,396,477 Information processing system, communication terminal, information processing unit and program
31 9,396,132 Storage control device and system to improve data retention in variable resistance memory cells
32 9,396,045 Information processing apparatus, method, and program
33 9,396,044 Memory efficient thread-level speculation
34 9,396,038 Resilient data processing pipeline architecture
35 9,396,001 Window management for an embedded system
36 9,395,970 Method and apparatus for providing a time period for starting an application
37 9,395,909 Scroll control device, terminal device, and scroll control method
38 9,395,908 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program utilizing gesture based copy and cut operations
39 9,395,761 Information processing apparatus
40 9,395,611 Light source apparatus and image display apparatus
41 9,395,578 Illumination unit, display, and electronic apparatus
42 9,395,573 Illumination unit including light modulation layer and display unit
43 9,395,572 Display apparatus
44 9,395,482 Illumination apparatus and illumination system
45 9,395,395 Voltage detector, electronic device, and control method of voltage detector
46 9,393,489 Game device
47 9,393,487 Method for mapping movements of a hand-held controller to game commands