Sony patents granted on 19 June 2012

69 US patents granted on 19 June 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D662,108 Display panel or screen with computer generated image
2 D662,086 Earphone
3 8,205,234 Information processing device and method for controlling programmed video recording of television broadcast program and recorded medium on which program is recorded
4 8,205,225 Television transmitter, television transmitting method, television receiver and television receiving method
5 8,205,130 Decoding apparatus
6 8,205,075 Authentication device and method
7 8,205,033 Memory device, memory management method, and program
8 8,205,030 Composite type recording apparatus, data writing method and data writing program
9 8,204,983 Allocation of on-line monitoring resources
10 8,204,919 File generation apparatus, method, program, and recording medium
11 8,204,837 Information processing apparatus and method, and program for providing information suitable for a predetermined mood of a user
12 8,204,789 Apparatus and method for receiving a transport stream containing a plurality of content data
13 8,204,785 Information processing system, portable information terminal and its control method, information providing device and its control method, and program
14 8,204,687 Display route creation method, display route creation apparatus, and display route creation program
15 8,204,616 Data output apparatus and data output method
16 8,204,615 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
17 8,204,614 Audio processing apparatus and audio processing method
18 8,204,540 Wireless transfer of data from a mobile device to a server
19 8,204,476 Portable telephone and electronic device
20 8,204,462 Digital radio receiver
21 8,204,461 Digital radio receiver and method of reproducing acoustic information
22 8,204,455 Techniques for pre-distorting transmitted signals for a transmitter device
23 8,204,370 Image pickup apparatus, focus control method and focus control program
24 8,204,366 Method, apparatus and program for recording and playing back content data, method, apparatus and program for playing back content data, and method, apparatus and program for recording content data
25 8,204,360 Recording apparatus, recording method and record medium
26 8,204,357 Reproducing device, reproducing method, reproducing program and recording medium
27 8,204,356 Control device and method, recording medium and program
28 8,204,355 Image signal processing device, imaging device, and image signal processing method
29 8,204,331 Information processing apparatus and method to reduce delay in image decoding
30 8,204,329 System and method for image quality enhancement by reducing the effects of air pollution and haze
31 8,204,326 Data processing apparatus, data processing method and data processing program, encoding apparatus, encoding method and encoding program, and decoding apparatus, decoding method and decoding program
32 8,204,319 Image compression apparatus and image compression method
33 8,204,308 Image processing apparatus, method, and program
34 8,204,272 Lighting control of a user environment via a display device
35 8,204,270 Apparatus, method, program, and mobile terminal device with person image extracting and linking
36 8,204,256 System and method for muting TV speakers when headphones in use
37 8,204,241 Sound outputting apparatus, sound outputting method, sound output processing program and sound outputting system
38 8,204,239 Audio processing method and audio processing apparatus
39 8,204,220 Simulcrypt key sharing with hashed keys
40 8,204,124 Image processing apparatus, method thereof, and program
41 8,204,104 Frame rate conversion system, method of converting frame rate, transmitter, and receiver
42 8,204,030 Communication method and communication terminal device
43 8,203,990 Wireless-communication system, wireless-communication device, wireless-communication method, and program
44 8,203,929 Frame and data pattern structure for multi-carrier systems
45 8,203,914 Disc storage apparatus and disc storage method
46 8,203,913 Recording/reproduction apparatus and recording/reproduction system
47 8,203,730 Information processing device, information recording medium manufacturing device, information recording medium, methods therefore, and computer program
48 8,203,711 Light irradiation method, light irradiation device, and fine particle analyzing apparatus
49 8,203,683 Electro-optic device having terminal section and pixel section with particular multilayer structures
50 8,203,677 Polarizing plate, display, and electronic apparatus
51 8,203,642 Selection of an auto focusing method in an imaging apparatus
52 8,203,634 Physical quantity detecting device, solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus
53 8,203,631 Solid-state imaging device
54 8,203,624 Image-data processing apparatus and image pickup apparatus
55 8,203,619 Target bit rate decision method for wavelet-based image compression
56 8,203,598 Method and apparatus for capturing three-dimensional stereoscopic images
57 8,203,569 Graphics processor, graphics processing method, information processor and information processing method
58 8,203,560 Method for predictively splitting procedurally generated particle data into screen-space boxes
59 8,203,537 Tactile and visual user interface device and personal digital assistant
60 8,203,528 Motion activated user interface for mobile communications device
61 8,203,510 Display apparatus, driving method for display apparatus and electronic apparatus
62 8,203,505 Information presentation device
63 8,203,436 Remote controller for enabling an operation command to be obtained from an electronic apparatus and set into an operation key, remote control system having said remote controller, and remote control method pertaining thereto
64 8,203,312 Battery pack and control method
65 8,203,306 Battery pack and control method therefor
66 8,203,175 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
67 8,202,750 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, semiconductor laser, optical pickup, and optical disk device with nitride type group III-V compound semiconductor layer
68 8,201,946 Projection image display apparatus and polarization converter with optimally aligned phase difference plates
69 8,201,920 Head cartridge and liquid ejection apparatus