Sony patents granted on 19 November 2013

78 US patents granted on 19 November 2013 and assigned to Sony

1 D693,939 Cell analyzer
2 D693,842 Display panel or screen with a computer generated animated image
3 8,589,990 Demonstration system for electronic devices
4 8,589,986 Method and aparatus for sharing internet assets or content URLs via a second display device
5 8,589,982 Video searching using TV and user interfaces therefor
6 8,589,972 Information processing device, video playback method, program, and video playback system
7 8,589,961 Disc changer for diverse recording media
8 8,589,943 Multi-threaded processing with reduced context switching
9 8,589,905 Game device and information processing apparatus
10 8,589,816 CE device for home energy management
11 8,589,781 Information processing device, information processing method, program, and information processing system
12 8,589,699 Storage media device and recording apparatus
13 8,589,586 Method and apparatus for managing transmission of TCP data segments
14 8,589,551 Multiprocessor computer and network computing system processing use and provision of hardware resource via a network
15 8,589,546 Network management in a media network environment
16 8,589,506 Information distributing system, information processing terminal device, information center, and information distributing method
17 8,589,485 Graphical user interface apparatus and connection method in two-way communication system
18 8,589,480 Automatic performance and capacity measurement for networked servers
19 8,589,476 Method and apparatus for providing a customized selection of audio content over the internet
20 8,589,305 Tracking activation of licensable component in audio video device by unique product identification
21 8,588,994 On-vehicle device
22 8,588,979 Enhancements to mechanical robot
23 8,588,969 Enhancements to mechanical robot
24 8,588,945 Reproduction apparatus, reproduction method and reproduction program
25 8,588,829 Transmission power control method, communication device and program
26 8,588,825 Text enhancement
27 8,588,722 Radio communication control device to dynamically handle calls in high traffic
28 8,588,691 Information processing apparatus, and method and information processing system
29 8,588,678 Control method, control apparatus, data receiving and recording method, data receiver and receiving method
30 8,588,591 Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
31 8,588,554 Interpolation
32 8,588,550 Virtual level for a digital camera
33 8,588,544 Method and system for reducing ringing artifacts of image deconvolution
34 8,588,543 Apparatus, method and program for filtering data signals using low-frequency and compensating filters
35 8,588,538 Image processing apparatus and method
36 8,588,518 Superpixel-boosted top-down image recognition methods and systems
37 8,588,475 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for indicating movement information
38 8,588,469 Image processing method, recording medium carrying image processing program, and image processing apparatus
39 8,588,458 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
40 8,588,456 Acoustic conversion device
41 8,588,314 Communication device and method for detecting broadcast wave to be performed by communication device
42 8,588,265 Semiconductor laser element and manufacturing method of the same
43 8,588,264 Method of driving a laser diode
44 8,588,098 Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, communication system, and processing method used in reception apparatus
45 8,588,042 Recording-and-reproducing apparatus and content-managing method
46 8,587,986 Variable-resistance memory device and its driving method
47 8,587,886 Lens drive device, lens module, and image pickup device
48 8,587,884 Imaging apparatus
49 8,587,778 Light irradiation apparatus, component image pickup apparatus, and component mounting apparatus
50 8,587,737 Display device
51 8,587,735 Stereoscopic glasses
52 8,587,732 Projection display apparatus which enables a selected image inverting process to be performed to facilitate registration adjustment
53 8,587,729 Receiver
54 8,587,728 System and method for using partial interpolation to undertake 3D gamma adjustment of microdisplay having dynamic iris control
55 8,587,727 Method of and apparatus for utilizing video buffer in a multi-purpose fashion to extend the video buffer to multiple windows
56 8,587,723 Electronic equipment, control information transmission and reception methods having bidirecitonal communication using predetermined lines
57 8,587,707 DA converter and solid-state imaging device that provides reduced power consumption
58 8,587,702 Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image processing method, and program
59 8,587,699 Solid state imaging device
60 8,587,696 Super-resolution digital zoom
61 8,587,688 Solid-state image pickup device and signal processing method therefor
62 8,587,636 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
63 8,587,589 Image rendering
64 8,587,545 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
65 8,587,530 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing program, and mobile terminal
66 8,587,195 Display
67 8,587,082 Imaging device and camera module
68 8,587,040 Solid state imaging device and electronic apparatus
69 8,587,015 Light-emitting element
70 8,587,004 Semiconductor light emitting device, its manufacturing method, semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
71 8,587,003 Organic EL display device and manufacturing method of the same
72 8,586,977 Method of manufacturing organic EL display unit
73 8,586,909 Method of manufacturing an optical member having stacked high and low refractive index layers
74 8,586,468 Integrated circuit chip stack employing carbon nanotube interconnects
75 8,586,246 Positive electrode active material, positive electrode using the same and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
76 8,586,245 Battery
77 8,586,202 Organic electroluminescent device and display device
78 8,585,254 Lens, light source unit, backlight apparatus, and display apparatus